Outline of Sintesi

Chapter outline of Sintesi di dottrina della razza

Summary of Racial Doctrine


  1. Race as Revolutionary Idea
    1. Racial doctrine as anti-universalism.
    2. Racial doctrine as anti-individualism. Race and personality.
    3. Racial doctrine as anti-rationalism. Theory of environment.
    4. Race and history. Racial doctrine as anti-evolutionism.
    5. Race and culture. Surpassing the neutral conception of culture.
    6. Depth psychology and the science of subversion.
    7. On the idea of pure race.
  2. The Three Levels of Racial Doctrine
    1. Different meanings of race.
    2. The three levels of racial doctrine.
    3. Races of nature and higher races.
    4. On higher races and anti-ascetic prejudice.
    5. On the racial doctrine of the first level
    6. The Hyperborean race and its branches
    7. The group of “aryan” races
    8. On the limits of the laws of heredity.
    9. The problem of mixing.
    10. The three modes of the appearance of race. The Nordic and Mediterranean race.
    11. The internal race and heredity. The prophylaxis of tainted heredity.
    12. Sex and race
    13. The masculine and feminine races
  3. The Race of the Soul and Spirit
    1. The race of the second level. The race of the soul.
    2. The race of the soul and culture. The Hebrew problem.
    3. Origin of the race of the soul.
    4. Can new races arise?
    5. The race of the soul and “myth”. The limits of “myth”.
    6. The mystery of birth. Historical heredity and heredity from above.
    7. Race and classical and romantic ethics.
    8. The “demonic” element in the anti-race
    9. The doctrine of the race of the third level. Value of the symbol. The eternal race.
    10. Race of the spirit. The solar race. The race of Demeter.
    11. The Amazon race, the race of Aphrodite, the “heroic” race.
    12. The race of the spirit in the archaic Mediterranean and Judaism.
  4. The Aryan Race and the Spiritual Problem
    1. What does “Aryan” mean?
    2. The heroic and solar element of the ancient Aryan race.
    3. Ex Occidente lux. The religious problem.
    4. The misunderstanding of the new racist paganism
    5. Christianity, race, spirit of the origins.
    6. Race and death.
    7. Law and race. The anti-collectivist concept of the national-racial community.
  5. Race and the Problem of the New Elite
    1. The “Italian race”. Meaning of its aryanity.
    2. Interracial types in the Mediterranean people.
    3. The rectification of the Mediterranean relations between the sexes.
    4. The new Italy. Race and war.
    5. Conditions for the reawakening of race.
    6. The race of the fascist man. On the new western front.

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  2. I have been unable to find any full translations of Sintesi di Dottrina della Razza, which strikes me as odd because they’re the work Evola is most recognized for due to the influence it played on Mussolini. Does any English translation exist, and if so, where could I find it?

  3. May I have the chapters of Sintesi sent to my e-mail box as well, please?

    Thank you.

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