Summer 2019 Programs

We have two outstanding guests who will lead online programs in August. Thomas Isham wrote the book Contra Mundum about Joseph de Maistre and his ties to esoteric teaching. In particular, he compares Maistre to Guenon in a fruitful way. He has also written a few books on the Enneagram. … Continue reading

Angels, Templars, and Joseph de Maistre

We must be ready for a profound event in the divine order, toward which we are marching with an accelerated speed that must strike all observers. Terrible oracles already announce that the time has come. ~ Joseph de Maistre, Soirées de Saint-Petersbourg Herein, we review the following books: Seven Archangels: … Continue reading

Angels and Demons

There is a doctrine which says that after our nature fell into sin, God did not disregard our fall and withhold his providence. No, on the one hand, he appointed an angel with an incorporeal nature to help in the life of each person and, on the other hand, he … Continue reading

Dante and the Hermetic Method

A guest speaker, James, will be leading a public discussion of the inner meaning of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Here are the meeting login credentials: To join the meeting, click: TIME: Monday, June 17, 2019 10:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) To participate by phone, select a local number … Continue reading

Love and Work

Love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness. ~ Sigmund Freud Work The True Self is always subject and never an object in this world. Thus, platitudes like “contacting your higher self” make no sense; rather one must “become” one’s higher self. The corollary is that the Self is … Continue reading

Pet Peeves

Reputations A friend’s wealthy boyfriend claimed to know a “computer guy” who, he claimed is a “genius. He sent the genius to set up her vanity email account on her cell phone. After more than an hour, he failed to do so; he left her without access to email. I … Continue reading

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