Political Platonism

The philosophical background of Guenon and his followers’ traditionalism is extremely close to the Platonic tradition … In other words, traditionalism can be taken as radical Platonism. ~ Alexander Dugin, Political Platonism. Dugin’s purpose seems to be to make Tradition academically palatable, by couching it in Platonic language. Obviously, as … Continue reading

The Way of Gnosis

Gnosis is one of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is not secret knowledge available for the few, nor is it the “real” interpretation of text, opposed to the orthodox. On the other hand, it is perhaps an Open Secret, since it is pursued by the few. It is … Continue reading

The Four Happinesses

Taoism holds to the ideal of the four happinesses. The first two concern the extension of the individuality and are included in the restoration of the primordial state. Longevity: The perpetuity of individual existence. Posterity: The indefinite prolongations of the individual through all his modalities. The remaining two refer to … Continue reading

Angels, Templars, and Joseph de Maistre

We must be ready for a profound event in the divine order, toward which we are marching with an accelerated speed that must strike all observers. Terrible oracles already announce that the time has come. ~ Joseph de Maistre, Soirées de Saint-Petersbourg Herein, we review the following books: Seven Archangels: … Continue reading

Summer 2019 Programs

Emil Pales will present to us on Monday, August 26 at 5 PM Eastern USA time (New York) time. Log in instructions will be sent to our mailing lists on Sunday night. We have two outstanding guests who will lead online programs in August. Thomas Isham wrote the book Contra … Continue reading

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