For Women Only

Introduction to Gnosis We are created to know, love and serve God. This refers to the three spiritual paths The path of knowledge The path of devotion or love The path of service or works There will be a four week course this summer on the path of knowledge, intended … Continue reading

The Seven Sacred Liberal Arts

It is no coincidence that the Sacred Liberal Arts are Seven in number: this is the number of the mysteries, the steps towards union with God, and the rays of Creation, as well as the visible planets, the notes in the musical scale, and the steps or levels of the … Continue reading

Introduction to Magical Idealism

Now available on Amazon: Introduction to Magical Idealism Table of Contents Preface Introduction to Magical Idealism Genius and the Real Man 7 Qualifications for Initiation 8 The Elements of Sacred Magic 10 Phenomenology of the Medieval Mind 12 The Healing Power of the Mind 14 Creativity in German Philosophy 16 … Continue reading

Euro Group

We are in the process of forming a Euro group, at a time more suitable for those living in European time zones. Inaugural meeting will be on Monday, 1 April 2019. Time 5:00 PM Eastern US time. USA is on daylight savings, so that time is 9:00 PM UTC. Make … Continue reading

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