The Masculine and Feminine Races

The translation from Sintesi of The Masculine and Feminine Races is now available.

In this chapter, Julius Evola demonstrates that the male and female are equivalent to different races. This is not simply the obvious corporeal differences, but extends also the the soul and the spirit. The female spirit is undifferentiated whereas the male spirit is differentiated.

He appeals to J J Bachofen‘s writings on ancient gynocentric civilizations which had “promiscuity, communism, mother right, general equality as their characteristics”. This is how he concludes:

Strictly speaking, opposite to every man worthy of this name, the true woman that our ancestors considered significantly as “woman of race”, had to present herself as something dangerous, as a foreign principle that attracts, insinuates herself, and demands an inner action: almost the same type of reaction of which we said speaking of cross-breedings, where foreign blood puts the type to the test and gives rise to two possibilities: either to an awakening, a reaffirmation, and a vivification, or else to dissolution and debasement. In the first case, the man maintains himself at the peak of his purpose and, according to traditional teachings, his qualities permeate and persist intact in his progeny, as the “dominant” character. In the second case, in a form more or less disguised, he will undergo at least an internal degeneration of the type. Uncontrollable forces will take the upper hand in the processes of heredity, the protection of the race will become something problematic, until the limit-case is realized, that is, the return, in new forms, to the spirit and promiscuity of the gynocratic civilizations formed by the anti-Nordic races and from the degeneration of the Nordic race.

From this perspective, the Western nations are moving toward a more gynocratic form. This is not imposed, but rather accepted and even chosen, by a race in decline, that is, those who have followed the second possibility. There is still the first possibility.

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  1. Sorry to have to make a public example of you, Atila, but that is not how to write an intelligent comment. If you want to help your fellow human beings, you would have mentioned specific points from the book and then applied them to the post you are commenting on.

    I read the amazon page for the book as well as some comments by those who actually read the book. As one reviewer wrote:
    “Firstly, it must be understood that Dr. Eller was not out to prove that prehistory was in any way universally patriarchal. Dr. Eller is certainly aware of the many matriarchal, matrilineal and matrifocal prehistorical societies.”

    This more or less confirms, or at least is consistent with, Evola’s thesis.

  2. Read the book “The Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory” By CYNTHIA ELLER

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, is Evola saying here that a ‘race of the sex’ dichotomy is spiritually present during the procreation event and that in Modernity a feminine, degenerative descent is occurring rather than a masculine, heroic descent (that being proper to Tradition.)

    If so, what is the solution to this problem, which is obviously not medical or genetic? Will this simply return to the old masculine sexo-racial line of descent once the World of Tradition is restored, or does something active have to be done as it pertains to child-bearing and conception?

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