Aghori of the Mind

Aleister Crowley proposed an interesting exercise to overcome dualist thinking and an inflexible frozen identity, which I tried more than 20 years ago. The method is to do the mental equivalent of what the Aghori do in the flesh. Thus we learn non-attachment to our individual and particularistic points of view.

For one year, I became a political liberal, subscribed to liberal periodicals (Nation, New Republic), read John Rawls, joined Pax Christi, opposed the bomb and death penalty, and so on.

The following year, I became a conservative. I subscribed to National Review, went to an anti-abortion demonstration, read Hayek, Russell Kirk, Christian reconstructionists, joined a continuing Anglican church, inter alia.

One learns how to deal with the elemental beings and the thought forms they engender. Once they are invited in, they take over the mind, and a man is no longer able to think for himself. Only an exorcism will be effective against that, and I don’t think it can be accomplished over the Internet.

4 thoughts on “Aghori of the Mind

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  3. Yes, elementals should be treated with caution – any hint of personal desire and that’s it, burning with lust, drowning in tears, buried alive and in free fall through the air. On the other hand they can be very helpful if your intentions are impeccable with no trace of personal agenda. Protection is also very useful, however, golden boots helped me with the faerie one time (and the crocodile guardians of the netherworld, they just sniffed them and moved on). Or perhaps that was just a placebo, as wearing the boots and believing they were protective dispelled all of my potential fears before entering. Also helps that I like lizards. I used to really like them until a big one chased me in Curacao and that scared the hell out of me, I pretty much climbed the walls and the mad thing climbed after me

  4. I too can attest to this technique working. “Insight roles” is what some call it.

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