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Since today is a family day, I can only offer a few quick thoughts, probably more than any “fly by” comments deserve.

As for the current situation in Europe (and the West by extension), there are no surprises for those who understand Tradition. As a matter of fact, one of the very first posts here had to do with some ideas from Rene Guenon on this topic: Please refer to The Prophecies of Rene Guenon. I urge you to consider the options presented carefully; it may make the more recent post clearer.

Comments without any actual content are a waste of my time; nevertheless, since they are now on public display, I will try to provide the missing content.

This is an example of a commentary that can be described as “petty”: Dominique Venners Final Solution.
This is one that is disrespectful since it judges the geste by its own standards and allows unsupported calumnies: La provocation de Dominique Venner (English excerpts here: Thoughts on Dominique Venner).

No one does any service to a true intellectual by according him blind homage. M. Venner gave us a justification for his geste as well as what he hoped to accomplish. To pay him proper respect is to take that seriously. That is what I attempted to do.

M. Venner wanted to shake, rattle and awaken. This is his standard, not mine. Hence, to show respect, I judge him by that standard. I would prefer some comments on that standard rather than snide remarks.

In the light of Guenon’s predictions, even had he succeeded, it would be inadequate. Guenon has also written that the end of an era is the end of an illusion. That is a daunting task, but the one thing necessary, and few people want to be reminded of that.

M. Venner came to the only conclusion possible for him: to choose his identity or to choose nothingness. He chose the latter. This is not my opinion, that is what he wrote and what he did. With that, he offers up the same choice to everyone else: choose nothingness or establish your identity. The problem remains is that he never made clear what is our identity, except in a negative sense: our identify is not-Muslim.

M. Guenon offers a different set of choices.

10 thoughts on “Beau Geste Addendum

  1. Oh, I’m not taking anything back! Apparently I didn’t check the chronology well enough.

    Anyhow I have no interest in debating Islam and its effect on Europe. I basically see the attitude of Whites as something that should probably be solved with a technique akin to addiction recovery, or something like that. First step, admit there’s a problem. Second step, start to recognize a higher power. Etc. I am not terribly impressed by the “genocide” rhetoric going on. It is cute and makes for some amusing youtube videos about double-standards or whatever, but it doesn’t address the bigger problems. Debates about immigration policy are also meaningless, because the die has already been cast. If all immigration were to be curtailed, whites still do not produce enough children to save themselves. Sometimes you can take lessons from other people and demonstrate your new knowledge competitively. I think that’s why Evola argued that the first couple Crusades were actually good for both religions.

  2. You didn’t see it because it’s a reaction to what you’ve posted above which is perfectly legitimate. You should stand by your statements.

    Muslims and Islam are as much a physical threat as a spiritual one and there is little reason to believe otherwise no matter how many people wish to call for restraint or rationalize the current destruction by invasion of Europe. True it’s not just Islam, as there are multiple non-white groups and counter-initiatic forces of equal malignity yet let us not lose sight of any urgent threats.

    When another race does harm to indigenous Europeans, it’s somehow our fault to the extent we daily exalt in pathological entho-masochist tendencies that is akin to a mental-aids syndrome where we have lost the healthy immune-response to a deadly infectious attack. On the contrary it has become fashionable to welcome the festering malaise and denounce those who wish to fight it.

    Democratic states and your comfortable existence are held together by violence and force – there is always a certain unavoidable necessity of needing a military, borders, policemen and rule of law even if they do often prove ineffectual. Take these away, make people hungry and uncomfortable, and any misaligned altruisms will fade away immediately.

  3. I understand the perspective from which Cologero delivers his criticism, and in that light it is fair. The ‘geste’ may be judged right away according to certain absolute standards, or in the context of what it might contribute to achieving with the passage of time. To each his own.

    As for the puffing of chests in the name of Christianity that consideration of Europe’s struggles engenders among some commenters here, it is tending toward the cringe-worthy. Islam, in and of itself, is no more a threat to Europe than universalist Christianity and its egalitarian tendencies – the chief problem, and M. Venner agreed, is exceedingly alien races settling permanently and extensively across European territory, be they Muslim or otherwise, and encroaching upon our home.

    Both religions do in fact have Semitic foci, Romanity nothwithstanding. Many have even argued that Christianity, being the root of the modern Western deviations, is the origin of the decadence that M. Venner reacted against. The symbolism of the location of the suicide then takes on a new, less gallant, meaning.

    My duty, given intimate connections, is to remind you all of Europe’s indigenous Muslims, who lived well enough and preserved their European beauty as Muslims no less, until suffering the most severe dishonor at the hands of their ‘Christian’ nationalist brother-neighbours in recent conflicts, in a prime example of what Cologero might call the complex-ridden expression of identity in a negative sense. One can be forgiven for fearing the eventualities should kindred currents happen to motivate nascent political movements in Western Europe. Though the European spiritual minorities may be small in number, they mingle their roots with yours no less.

    Finally, whatever the future holds, the following is wisdom to temper passion:

    “” These mighty racial tides flow from the most elemental of vital urges: self-expansion and self-preservation. Both outward thrust of expanding life and counter-thrust of threatened life are equally normal phenomena. To condemn the former as “criminal” and the latter as “selfish” is either silly or hypocritical and tends to envenom with unnecessary rancor what objective fairness might keep a candid struggle, inevitable yet alleviated by mutual comprehension and respect. This is no mere plea for “sportsmanship”; it is a very practical matter. There are critical times ahead; times in which intense race-pressures will engender high tensions and perhaps wars. If men will keep open minds and will eschew the temptation to regard those opposing their desires to defend or possess respectively as impious fiends, the struggles will lose half their bitterness, and the wars (if wars there must be) will be shorn of half their ferocity. “”

    -Lothrop Stoddard in ‘The Rising Tide of Colour’

  4. OK, I did not see Cologero’s response in the previous thread.

    Disregard this post.

  5. I don’t take issue with your interpretations of Venner or the European situation, since your opinion on your own site is your prerogative. However, once again you have made a statement that isn’t accurate: “The problem remains is that he never made clear what is our identity, except in a negative sense: our identify is not-Muslim.” Monsieur Venner actually wrote many books in which we attempted to identify what the European identity is. One of them, “The Clash of History,” will soon be published in English by Arktos. One may not agree with what he wrote, but he did have an answer.

  6. I had to hesitate before I used the word “petty” because I respect this blog very deeply and the work you do, Cologero.

    But John Morgan’s criticisms were absolutely correct, and ultimately I stick by my choice of words. You did not respect Venner because you mischaracterized him on several levels, and you shifted your criticisms toward Venner into a critique of something called “The New Right” which apparently is both everything and nothing all at once in everyone’s mind.

    When a man dies, that alone is no excuse to use the occasion to start attacking the entire umbrella under which he stands and everyone peripherally associated with it. If you do not understand why this might look petty to some of your readers, I simply cannot help you. If you wanted to judge his suicide on its own merits, you had no business acting as though his suicide was meant to represent “The New Right” and not simply him as a man. It seems to me, and correct me if I am wrong, that you figured, “Well, he was influenced by Heidegger, and he had some associations with Alain de Benoist, and the New Right is basically Heidegger-influenced, so I will explain everything that I find wrong about the New Right, regardless of whether or not it has anything to do with Venner’s views.”

    If you wanted to respectfully disagree with Venner, you ought to have shown more knowledge of his work and more knowledge of him as an intellectual. You did not indicate any familiarity with more than a single one of his works and began to make sloppy and broad-brush claims that had nothing to do with him. You were not qualified to write such a post.

    No more time will be wasted on this subject.

    I will continue to read your blog and appreciate the work you do.

  7. What if his suicide has the opposite effect intended? What if it further demoralizes those it is meant to awaken? I wonder if he considered this.

    If Europe goes Islamic, it will be an analogous, and greater loss, than when Luther lead it into Protestantism. See Oswald Spengler’s comparisons between Luther and Muhammed.

  8. Let it be said that Guenon’s abdication to Islam was a symbolic death within itself and is simply unacceptable to those who do not wish to convert to an oriental soul which is not congruent to the special character of the Traditional Roman Hyper-Borean Aryan spirit.

    The indigenous European people and their western counterparts may be destroyed through degeneracy and miscegenation but No Semitic Tradition born of uncouth slave masters under dhimmitude will save it despite any idealistic illusions those have of Islam and Muslims. Their southern oriental soul and vulgar spirit of their race; worshipers of the feminine and lunar crescent; eternal enemies of Europe’s ancestors is not who we are or what should we become. Our divine destiny will be realized by a return/remembrance to said Aryan spirit last seen in classical Romanity in order to stand a chance or perish.

  9. Jason-Adam, what kind of a knight are you? Which order?

    Cologero, I think Guenon’s second option would result in the annihilation of Europe. It might be replaced by a culture that is more traditional in some ways, but it would represent a gigantic loss over the European Middle Ages. What a fall!

    That leaves “transformation” as the only desirable option.

    The question is how to achieve this transformation. I’d be interested to read what can be done besides riding the tiger.

  10. My identity is certain as well – I am a knight of Christendom. Even if Christendom is dead I remain en guarde and ready for battle. I prefer to live and die alone and unknown rather than surrender………

    Most people whom I speak to who aren’t read up on Tradition think
    of me as an apocalyptic nihilist, I simply respond I await the end of the world… is coming…..Kali Yuga is ending……Christ regnabit……….

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