The Apples of the Hesperides – Hercules’ Eleventh Labor

We are nearing the end of the Dodekathalon. We have seen how each of the Labors presupposes a certain internal struggle that is foundational to the soul, like a childbirth, since the Western path differs from archaic spirituality (eg., Vedic) in that it seeks to sublimate the material, rather than … Continue reading

Benedictines and Lectio Divina

1. Introduction : the Voice of God When we speak of the Bible, we speak of the Christ-Logos as the recapitulation of the Word of God as it fills the universe as a sign of God’s will, inscribed in the order of all things. It is therefore necessary to meditate … Continue reading

Absence as presence: the resurrection and exaltation of Christ

When the Divine Light penetrates the soul, it is united with God as light with light. This is the light of faith. Faith bears the soul to heights unreachable by her natural senses and faculties. Meister Eckhart — Resurrection and faith are a critical matter for Christians; especially in this … Continue reading

A Way Out, Further In

One of Evola’s most prescient suggestions is that the modern aspirant towards transcendence should “ride the tiger” – the individual (or the person, but not the personality) should use the negative energies of the modern world to advance himself, until they are exhausted, for opposing them directly would invite destruction. … Continue reading

To Be Considered a Man

For those young men who know too much, too soon. Lest anyone wake up in the morning with the belief that only he understands the world, we bring you this clip from Girolamo Savonarola (1452-1498). This is what he learned as a young man from his time at the University … Continue reading

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