Chaos in the Noosphere

Three bodies Shankara, following the teaching of the Vedanta, describes the three bodies that constitute man. Gross body: physical senses Subtle body, or the mind/psyche: emotions, feelings, attractions, aversions, etc Causal body, or the intellect: thoughts, images Together, they make up the phenomenal world, i.e., the world as experienced, or … Continue reading

Preparation for Recognizing Esoterism

Forthcoming translations from Introduction to Magic: Guido de Giorgio — Notes on Ascesis and anti-Europe Julius Evola — Esoterism and Christian Mysticism These upcoming essays will deal with the question of finding a guru and recognizing the marks of an esoteric tradition. Before we do that, I am providing some … Continue reading

Vedanta and Western Tradition

Lacking nothing, contemplative, immortal, self-originated, sufficed with a quintessence: he who knows that constant, ageless, and ever-youthful Spirit, knows himself and does not fear death. ~ Shankara In his important but little read essay, The Vedanta and Western Tradition, A. K. Coomaraswamy points the way for Europeans to come to … Continue reading

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