The Wellspring of Medieval Christian Thought

In medieval hylomorphism (the matter-form analysis of reality), pure Intellect (consciousness or awareness) is pure actuality, or form, or Being, or God: it is the self-subsistent principle that spawns or ‘contains’ all finite being and experience. Intellect-Being is what is, unqualified, self-subsistent, attributeless, dimensionless. It has no extension in space … Continue reading

What is Philosophy?

In 1804, the German philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling spelled out the problem. There was a time when religion was kept separate from popular belief within mystery cults like a holy fire, sharing a common sanctuary with philosophy. The legends of antiquity name the earliest philosophers as the originators of … Continue reading

Qualitative Civilization

True progress will always respect the line of formal development of man. It will give rise to qualitative civilization such as was the civilization of Greece in the fourth century BC and, in a higher degree, the civilization of Western Europe in the thirteenth century. If a people’s attention is … Continue reading

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