More Insight into Christian Initiation

  This is a continuation of posts on Clement’s Journal, found (in obscurity) in the Ante Nicene Fathers. Peter has been initiating Clement, so we see the “inner workings” of this process, which really amounts to a sort of personal spiritual apprenticeship, which is governed by affectionate command and proud … Continue reading

The Wisdom of God

Our interpreter, T. Palamidessi echoes George Heart’s interpretation of Mouravieff: The times require the cooperation of all, and we offer a way which is safe, swift, direct, towards the overcoming of one’s own moral, psychic, spiritual and biological states…Certainly the Catholic Church if it wanted to, without contradicting itself, could … Continue reading

Kind Hearts, & Norman Blood

Gewusst, Erkannt, Geahndet – Schelling What is now called the Christian religion already existed among the ancients, and was not lacking at the very beginnings of the human race. When Christ appeared in the flesh, the true religion already in existence received the name of Christian. ~ Augustine of Hippo … Continue reading

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