Interim Note on Being One with Everything

Pantheism does not admit the existence of individual beings.

Pantheism offers only the perspective of letting oneself be lulled by the undulation of the ocean of deified nature. ~ Valentin Tomberg

Giulio Cogni
There is a photo of Giulio Cogni in Julius Evola’s Sintesi di dottrina della razza with the following caption:

An Italian Nordic-Aryan type of the body with an Amazonian race of the spirit. Actually, it is a matter of a person, in whose theories an external energetic and almost Promethean aspect is mixed with a Demetrian-Lunar pantheistic vision of the world with a special recognition given to the feminine element.

Giulio Cogni was a philosopher, music critic (a specialist on Wagner), and an author of books on Eastern spirituality. After the German-Italian alliance in the 1930s, there was a scramble among Italian intellectuals to outline a Fascist understanding of race, in opposition to the German’s. The consensus was a more spiritual understanding of race. Thus Julius Evola published several works on the topic. His young friend, Massimo Scaligero, published a book on race based on some ideas from Anthroposophy. Giulio Cogni, who was a follower of the philosopher Giovanni Gentile, tried to reconcile Alfred Rosenberg with the situation in Italy. From the snippets I’ve found, Cogni denied the notion of racial superiority and, not unlike Evola, claimed that “Aryan” referred to a spiritual quality rather than a biological quality.

After the defeat of WWII, Evola more or less abandoned the topic. Scaligero and Cogni, on the other hand, managed to rebrand themselves: Scaligero as an Anthroposophist and Cogni as a Vedantist. As an indication of their success, some of their articles have been republished in the American Yoga Journal, with no mention of their Fascist past.

After the war, Evola’s and Cogni’s life paths diverged. I did find a rather long review by Evola of Cogni’s book “Io sono te: sesso e oblazione” (“You and I: sex and offering”), which highlights the differences between the two thinkers and would explain Evola’s evaluation of Cogni.

In that book Cogni proposes a pantheistic worldview based, as he claims, on the Vedanta: “we are all one”. That logically leads to an undifferentiated view of the human situation, which includes promiscuous sex, self-sacrifice, and androgyny.

Since Cogni articulates in an intelligent and sophisticated way many of the commonly held views in the modern world, the review is an apt essay for discussion. Nevertheless, due to the rather controversial nature of Evola’s objections, I have decided to make this essay private. Those who have been participating in previous meetings will be give the password to unlock the text. If you are interested in reading the review please send me a private email in the next few days.


Cogni bases his ideas on the notion of the Vedantic One, as he understands it to indicate the overcoming of all distinctions. Quoting Hegel, Evola describes this view as “the night in which all the cows are black”. I noticed this years ago when I participated in a Nisargadatta discussion group. The consensus view in that group was that, as an enlightened being, he more or less disappeared into the “One”. Nevertheless, as I pointed out, he spoke, responded to his name, etc., but that had little impact on the discussion.

In that view, there is only undifferentiated Being, so the beings we experience are illusions. “Whose” illusions they are, or why those “illusions” take such a specific form, or why do different people experience a similar world, was never made clear if only the One exists.

Jacques Maritain, in The Degrees of Knowledge provides a more satisfying answer. When I know Peter, I judge him to be a man, but even more fundamentally, I have an intuition of Peter as a being. This intuition is found everywhere, it “saturates all things”. Maritain explains our experience of Being.

Being is a primordial and general conceptual object which is at once and from the beginning essentially diverse in the diverse subjects in which the mind discovers it. What is primarily known, and in which every object of thought is resolved for the intellect, is being. But nothing can be added to it extrinsically to differentiate it, for all its differentiations issue from its own depths.

In other words, Being is known through beings. Pace Cogni, Being is already highly differentiated. In the Western tradition, this is expressed as the doctrine of the consubstantiality of the Logos with Being. Evola expresses the same notion in a slightly different way:

The One dominates a well-articulated order of differences (a cosmos, in the Hellenic sense).

So, “Illusion” has a much different connotation. For Cogni, the illusion is the separateness and distinction of beings, which are ultimately part of Brahman. However, illusion is actually much more subtle, and hence, more difficult to eradicate. The illusion arises from our failure to grasp the meaning of the Whole and how the parts are interconnected. This is due to the weakness of the intellect and erratic emotional reactions.

Descending and Ascending Movements

Evola claims that Cogni fails to distinguish between the subconscious and the superconscious, with the following consequence:

Cogni has no sense of the fact that just as an “integrative ascending self-transcendence” exists, so a divisive descending self-transcendence also exists for the true personality. That is, there are possible openings of the I both toward the higher as well as toward the lower, which also means toward “nature”, toward the unconscious, toward the vital formless bottom.

In an early essay, The Holy Spirit & the Sophia, Tomberg describes that downward movement in these steps.

First the Logos descends to the conscious I. If the I is oriented to the Logos above, it is ascendant. This supersensory “Temple of Wisdom” or “House of Sophia” is the knowledge of the Whole (but not of every individual fact).

However, that movement can continue downward in these stages, each with its own type of intelligence:

  • Hunger. The stream of the Logos is brought down to the level of digestive activity. This leads to a logic in which the stomach and its interests determine logic and conclusions. This is the level of Marx.
  • Sex. The stream is brought down to the instinctive life. This is the level of Freud and psychoanalysis.
  • Nature. The stream descends to the subterranean spheres. This logic may seem quite convincing. At its lowest point, the individual no longer thinks independently, but thoughts arise through him.


Tomberg distinguished between theism, pantheism, and naturalism, which are valid on different planes:

  • Naturalism: only what is experienced through the senses is real
  • Pantheism: thought alone can grasp the world. Existence is illusory, only the Absolute, One, Brahman, or God is real
  • Theism: Transcends rational thought. Existence not strictly logical, i.e., cannot be derived from thought.

Evola offers something similar in this comment:

So Cogni denies that that polarity is an essential requirement of eros, which he believes concerns only the naturalistic plane, like electrical and similar phenomena. That means that for him all the documentation that we have gathered, in an entire chapter, from the most varied cultural areas, regarding the “metaphysical dyad”, might as well not exist because it contradicts his promiscuous pantheism.

Thus, on the naturalistic plane, any sexual experience is worthwhile in its own right if it is observed in natures. Neither electricity nor eros depends on a anything higher. For pantheism, the male-female polarity is just a form of thought with no ultimate reality. It is no more than one particular expression of sexuality.

Not to forget that the young Evola’s first book was a translation and commentary of the Tao Te Ching, he understands that, on the metaphysical level, the Yin-Yang, male-female, dyad is fundamental. Hence, sexual expression on the physical plane needs to mirror that.

Postscript on Sexual Intelligence

The flip side of Evola’s critique is that Cogni has empirical experience and contemporary mores on his side. As we saw above, the sex instinct has its own logic and intelligence. Those who have “transcended” the self in the descending direction will be baffled by appeals to sexual restraint based on higher principles.

The occultist Alice Bailey seemed to have had an intuition of this, making predictions that have largely come to pass. In Esoteric Healing, she wrote:

Inter-marriage between nations and races, the fusion of bloods for hundreds of years—due to migration, travel, education and mental unity—has led to there being no really pure racial types today. This is far more certainly the case than the most enlightened think, if the long, long history of mankind is considered.

The European wars of last century, not to mention more recent turmoil, have certainly exacerbated those four factors. Eros, or the sexual drive, is potent, even to the point of overcoming barriers:

Sexual intercourse knows no impenetrable barriers … The urge to mate becomes peculiarly strong when men are removed from their familiar settings and experience the novelty of complete loneliness, when the normal inhibitions and customs imposed by family relationships and national standards are removed, when danger of death is constantly faced and the larger value submerges the lesser values and the usual conventional attitudes

Appendix on the 120 Days of Sodom

Curiously, Evola accuses Cogni of tending towards the sexual excesses of the Marquis de Sade. This may not be so far-fetched, given the tendency of some on social media to associate the “right” with bondage, domination, and so on. They are not to be taken seriously.

Nevertheless, the Italian communist film director Pier Paulo Pasolini created a work based on de Sade’s book, but situated it in the Salo Republic. Perhaps he derived that association from Cogni, but certainly not from Evola who rejected such practices. Paradoxically, it was Pasolini himself who advocated sexual experimentation. He was murdered by an underage hitchhiker who objected to Pasolini’s proposition to sodomize him with a broomstick.

This post is intended as notes for the online discussion of Evola’s review of Cogni’s book on 15 Oct 2015. The complete essay is The Metaphysics of Sex and the One.

18 thoughts on “Interim Note on Being One with Everything

  1. All best wishes regarding recoveries from the horrors in Paris,

    Here is an initial evolving metaphysical sexual experience speculation which co-relates with some of the mechanical stages earlier speculated , and stealing a self-merited tangental diversion from d.h.lawrences “meaning of sex” concept of the “Blood Consciousness” where he talks about the blood in the male and female having a deep rooted raging connection to copulate.

    So now I am bracketing this “Blood consciousness” sexual drive as the catalystic primal survival force that dwells in the depths of males and females and sort of possesses their actions when it is aroused to an eventual end of sexual climax through the act of copulation with the other after which it is subdued or suffers the mini-death in a male in its purest form .
    And during that copulation, there may be a transcendental experience but it is purely sensational in its effects and offers no further revelations to an advancement of the evolving i-consciousness , and this is because there was no psychic investment into the act. The rule of no work = no reward applies here. But they will keep trying, to find something , something that is always promised but at which result soon starts to feel like a familiar feeling that does “in time” go down in its quality of experience. But then you can try someone else ! And so it goes on …..

    When the lingham is inserted into the yoni, the raging blood inside the lingham is immersed by the raging blood inside the female yoni, and so , the lingham is actually acting as a perfect “condom” for the raging sexual copulation of male and female blood consciousness where no direct mixing takes place.

    So that is the first and primal metaphysical aspect of the sexual act.

    The second and superior metaphysical aspect of the sexual act is a potential merging (telepathy) of psychic consciousness , and once more , the insertion of the lingham into the yoni and subsequent immersion in it also signals a key moment whereby that psychic merging of consciousness is now temporarily initiated to a higher level through this psycho/blood marriage or suspended by the physical via “Blood Consciousness” rampancy.

    It is at this moment or often before, where the non-evolved psychic faculty is overwhelmed by the “blood consciousness” and so the psychic consciousness plays no more or little more (through inhibition or kink) controlling part in the copulation which is then completed in a short or slightly extended durations of time depending on the age and build up of raging blood consciousness and directed by that raging blood consciousness .

    So this then confirms for me that the raw “blood Consciousness” copulation is of the downward transcendental eventuality , (as I believe Mr C intuited on first glance of Dhl piece ) if experienced in a repetitive metronome fashion as one goes through life , with exceptions for development , ie if one is fortunate in experiencing one of the momentary transcendental sensational experiences during the blood consciousness onslaught, that in itself may lead the persona to seek out a higher calling in this area of being in the higher transcendental both of which affects all areas of well-being and being in general.

    So then returning to the part 4 conclusion of the mechanics, whereby the 2 participants have evolved their superior metaphysical aspect which is an evolved knowledge of the phenomena of their time mode consciousness and how it can be released at a point of departure pre-intended-copulation whereby their blood consciousness has been stored and raised to a specific level of contained energy which is then released as the sub-ordinate energy of a “Telepathic Merging”

    To be specific, during the raw blood consciousness copulation, the male physical erection is a temporary overlord symbol that hijacks the i-consciousness psyche, it is dragged down into the loins so to speak.
    Whereas in the developed i-consciousness , where the evolved psychic level is dominant , there is a phenomena I refer to which is the “internal erection “ which is an energetic sexual arousal erection which is psychically invoked and can be thought off as an energetic erection that begins from the heart and moves down through the stomach to the loins after which it forms into a much more profound physical erection that feels both inward and outward with one key difference in that this type of erection does not suffer a mini-death after its orgasm.
    It was psychically woven in its arousal and then falls back into the physical expression without the mini-death of the raw blood consciousness hijacked completion .

    In reality , people will have varying degrees of subtle incidental psychic ingredients admixed with the pre-dominant blood drive ,

    With this possible opposing and admix states of copulations available, it can then be re-iterated that the available higher level partners are not widely distributed in these times for the higher experience seekers .

    With the unavailability of a potential partner, it can be speculated on further options which requires importing some information from the middle ages which is not confirmable but nevertheless of interest in that dante was proposed to have been the leader of an organization called Fedeli d’amore
    “The aim of the Fedeli d’Amore was to free men (and only men) from their earthly limitations and to lead them to divine wisdom through the all-transcending love for a woman (who need not necessarily be a real one, in which case the term woman was to be understood as an allegory for the female principle). Dante called this trasumanar, which means “going beyond a purely human existence.” “

    So this theory offers the option for just using the evolving psychic energy , a fantasmic experience intensified to an nth degree over a female principle which may even contain an image , and this type of phenomena in its incomplete understandings can tie into all forms of kinks and perversions etc in the sexual areas .

    “There are negative and positive interpretations about fantasy , but here is a positive version, Fantasy is part of the articulation of the possible , a bridge between what is merely actual and present into a realm of possibility . Fantasy is a working relationship between the imagination and reality” – Tom Moylan

  2. Part 4 – ever more increased speculation ….
    Having then achieved this mutual state of the moment where :-

    “their time-based i-consciousness will is no longer in control , somehow the new invoked energy between them has its own creating script”

    what occurs here is that their i-consciousness , now free from the restraints and distractions of time based mode have now both converged into the absolute experience of each other in living moments, , and they have reached a state of evolution and learned attraction that their intentions are of the heights of ecstasy, and so they, at these moments only receive impressions which then occur in actuality in the coupling, each serving the others most sincere erotic expectation.

    They are now existing in a perpetual present moment as it is being created , in a psychic dominated physical actuated sensual realm that exists between both the past and the future of manifesting reality , but yet which cannot be measured through theory nor reproductive repetition.

    It is a live mutually created drama in full lucidity that rises above the normal sensual and psychic limitations of sobriety due to this invoked aroused energy which has some indefineable component (dream weaver) that both obeys and orchestrates the metaphysical sexual experience but only retains its “authority” whilst both the i-consciousnesses can remain disconnected from their time based mode .
    This “authority” is a result of the evolved i-consciousnesses and the combined successful transference of the mutual i-consciousnesses time based “erotic intentionality” through csotp into the aroused energy based mode of i-consciousness , which takes the authoritative condition of a temporary inversion of all mutually “harnessed” spontaneous activity from the normative function into consciousness of physical up to psyche, into a psyche down to physical (total control) which manifests as a perfect unwinding psychic/physico “intensual initiation”

    That does reach its plateau of mutual climax just when the (dream weaver) transfers its invoked mutually aroused total control power proportionately back into the physical , and at that plateau , is where some form of transcendental wisdom signature is scribed into their consciousnesses as the i-consciousnesses are then flown back into their time-mode of perception through the increased physical exertions initiated by and dissipating from the released climactic orgasmic energy.

    The end.

  3. Part 3 –
    Later in the daytime after part 2 was posted, I was in my car and then suddenly coming from the radio in the spirit of spontaneous activity , was the message that this was the “Back to the future” day from the film, which got me thinking more into time and future.
    What exactly is the “point of departure “ where the mechanics of sex may go metaphysical , which is directly related to the dynamics of the consciousness of time .
    So, to then try and inductively reason or sense perceive, what actually occurs at the tipping point of where the pre-coupling mechanics of sexual union cross over into a potential metaphysical sexual experience via the dynamic of transcendance from this “point of departure”

    Just as there is this contradiction in actual reality and extreme theory in relation to distance and time demonstrated by zenos paradox , so there is also a strange form of contradiction in the reality and the extreme theory of the i-consciousness in relation to the present moment .
    To give a flavour of this , I have picked some relevant nougats from bergsons theory on duration , which is sort of a bergsons paradox of consciousness .

    “the purpose of consciousness is to (retain what no longer is) , ie time unrolls the past, consciousness Enrolls the past, and also “To anticipate what as yet is not” (the call of the future)
    And he states for consciousness = there is no present, if the present be a mathematical instant , because the present is the purely theoretical limit which separates the past from the future.
    It may in the strict sense be conceived, but is never perceived . When we think we are perceiving the present, what we are actually doing is perceiving a certain span of duration composed of 2 parts,
    our immediate past and our imminent future”

    So in light of this insight of bergsons, the “point of departure” is both a departure from the ravenous intrusive past via the skill of Csotp, and also a departure from the call of the future , ones imminence or becoming state.
    In short , it is a departure from ones i-consciousness very relationship with time as we normally and dutifully experience it .

    So at this POD, both i-consciousnesses disconnect from their core relationship to time and now connect to a new core of aroused energy that is invoked from this very coupling.
    A mutually woven creation of intimate energy which can collapse at any moment if any i-consciousness reverts to time-based mode which would kickback into some form of subtle frantic intrusion like the expectation of imminent orgasm etc or the conscious attempt to take control of the others pleasure.
    It is speculated that when the invoked mutual arousal occurs, it in itself has the awakened intelligence , like a dream weaver , to plot its own path of fulfillment between them based on mutual sensual and psychic responses that are free from i-consciousness time-based manipulation just like in a perfect dreamed state.
    The distinct difference being that they are fully lucid and highly sensitised, but yet their time-based i-consciousness will is no longer in control , somehow the new invoked energy between them has its own creating script , but at every passing moment of which they are not aware off, there is a greater and greater risk of receding back into time-based i-consciousness , the stakes are so high , that the chances of 2 people achieving the transcendent orgasmic plateau , where the nirmal effects of orgasm are inverted, (psychic back to physical) seem most improbable if not impossible in todays climate, but then again , as has been speculated by others , when the i-consciousness is evolved to a certain level, spontaneous activity tries to give it what it needs especially if its in the interests of human spiritual evolution . So.

    Speculative Footnote – In a non-developed i-consciousness, spontaneous activity is not directly related to i-consciousness over a prolonged duration ,there is a large “phase shift” which results in a distinct difference in controlling potential destiny and manifesting events to ones greatest dreams.

  4. Part 2 – more thoughts on where the mechanics meet the metaphysics .
    Using the platonic range of interpretations, the below example of “The Mechanics of Sex” has been arrived at using intellect and reason, and it also illustrates a repetitive aquired state of achievement in that there are learned conscious processes that can be followed or adhered too in existence to arrive at that moment , which are in short, an evolution of i-consciousness which in itself lends to the aquired skill of “conditional sublimation of the past” which then brings the personas involved in pre-coupling to a specific “point of departure” into the transcendental experience.

    Csotp ensures the following :- A complete presently conscious barrier to any form of past-experienced profanity, a form of habitus-distillation which is subliminated in the present moment to only allow the relevant beneficial stream into that moment. So like in driving a car, the aquired past skill experience is subliminally and conditionally having due positive influence in the present driving moment.
    But it also must be considered that in the pre-coupling state, which is an agreed union, this csotp can also be directly altered by the other, so a return to profanity could be instigated by the others regression.

    Then it remains to be speculated , what can occur as possible progression from this “point of departure” and that requires the introduction of inductive reasoning , sense perceptions , in order to arrange into a reasonable order for progress of understanding.

    So then it is a return to comments on spontaneous activity and speculation of the roots of that spontaneous activity. This spontaneous activity is what opposes this point of departure, and so if the roots of the SA are considered to be intelligent in that their relationship of intention and manifestation is directly related to the i-consciousness in the vicinity, then it can be seen that what happens next is directly related to these 2 of i-consciousnesses in union and their “Erotic intentionality” . This moment can also be considered as the gateway to the transcendental .

    In the theory of numbers, pi was a gateway to great things and pi was said to be a transcendental number , because it is not exact and in theory continues into the future as a progression , but in these transcendental numbers , there are 2 types, those that are well-behaved and those that are badly-behaved and I think this type of terminology is very apt . So the well behaved pi can be utilised in the extension of reasoning to a degree relating to reality , because in extreme theory , there is still the presence of zenos paradox, so I think here there is a co-relation with the attempt to explain a transcendental experience and then in retrospect laying out the mechanics of its achievement , which is easier said than done owing to the ever increasing level of possible variables encountered and that have to be selected in their well-behaved variety.

    So the tantric path could be seen as a well-behaved path in the means of that it has defineable progress into the transcendental , whereas someone taking drugs or some other mind altering substance would be taking a badly -behaved transcendental component which may very well lead to personal disaster . Therefore it can be deduced that the path of conscious understanding is a more preferable option to study transcendental in the nature of self-preservation. But it may also have its own delusion traps . t time

  5. On Tmckenna – i thought that last documentary on alchemy was good and some of his comments on many things are creative and insightful like his intimations on the iching etc . He was trying hard to find new understanding of being and that is always going to put your head on the line for ridicule etc

    I don’t mind bumping it back onto sexual intelligence with one form of observation on the “mechanics” of pre-coupling .When the male plus female with mutually aroused attraction having pre-qualified through various conditions of each others levels of intention and values, begin first contact through the physical touch, lets say both of them are fully conscious in the absolute passing of every present moment of each others “pro-active actions and reciprocal responses”
    Their present minds are both concentrated on what they see, feel, hear , but also there is a direct dynamic subliminal feedback loop into this present experience linked from their individual past experiences (including both lived and fantasised) that offers itself to potential present meaningfullness in creation through the processes of expectation , anticipations, and comparisons.
    The proportional effect of this feedback loop in its ability to be conditionally sublimated or indeed to intrude and then dominate the present evolving experience , is due to certain attributes which are determined by the developed state of each of the individual i-consciousnesses at that moment and also the present evolving status of the union between they .
    If the past intrudes, then there is a subtle increase of the frantic
    If all goes well and the past is subliminated , realised by an absence of the consciousness of time
    Then there may also be a further new psychic ingredient of influence that is aroused and affects their then developing motions .
    They are still to an extent fully conscious in the moment, but it is an altered consciousness that is now both a passenger and driver of the unfolding event…..
    At what point does “absolute creativity” or other suitable term , enter the scene and what is its relationship to transcendence .

  6. ”If I’m not taking the discussion off topic, what’s the fifth caste as I’m ignorant of the subject? The pariah/untouchable?”

    You probably think of dalits. European gypsies descend from them, which is proven in genetic studies.

  7. So ANIMISM would be to Polytheism (or even to Pantheism) what MYSTICS are to Religion …
    – And of course, you guessed I am interested in Mystics & Animism, but not so much on Polytheism / Pantheism & Religion .

  8. And yet, we insist on the fact that ANIMISM is totally different , has nothing to do with “Pantheism” (unless you make a great difference between “Pantheism” and “Polytheism” : ??) . ANIMISM is well explained by Bachelard, and it is to Polytheism what MYSTICS are to Religion …

  9. If I’m not taking the discussion off topic, what’s the fifth caste as I’m ignorant of the subject? The pariah/untouchable?

    In response to your mentioning the New Left as being passé, my observations would be that society has hit a key turning point with the transition to postmodernism; the rationalist mentality that has been dominant since the XVII-XVIIIth centuries, the search for a theory which explains everything, has been judged a failure and now rather than proposing new systems or axioms for all to follow as they did in the past, philosophers are questioning every existing remaining “given” rule of society with the aim of abolishing it, to the extent where language even no longer has a definite meaning (Derrida and Deconstructionism). It’s an interesting thought process to see where it’s leading to; one could well say the world is heading to the submersion into the undiferrentiated all . The rise of the environmentalism with their quite pantheistic beliefs (Gaia hypothesis) is another trend in this direction.

  10. @SB, as I mentioned, Cogni’s books are unavailable in print or electronic editions. Hence, I can’t imagine that he has much of a reputation at all anymore. What I did say is that his worldview appears to be more congenial to people today. For example, he is much more open to, let’s say, the “varieties of sexual experience” than Evola was. Evola was more attached to the boy-girl thing, not for any moral or religious reasons, but rather because he believe it reflects the polarity of the male-female, or yin-yang, princples, the overcoming of which results in the “androgyne”.

    As for your other point, Pasonlini, Marcuse, etc., seem passe now. Such an association was shattered by Michel Foucault’s life and work. He combined gay S&M with libertarian economics, sort of the precursor of the “socially liberal but economically conservative” type, not uncommon today. But he went further, challenging power structures that would marginalize certain groups, perhaps those who could be considered the “fifth caste” that the Tantras refer to.

  11. Re. Pasolini, if I may offer a comment re. his association of Sadism with Fascism, I believe it may simply be a result of New Left association of authoritarianism with sexual dominance, as part of their general worldview basing everything on sexuality (derived ultimately from Freud but more to the point from Wilhelm Reich, Herbert Marcuse etc )

  12. Is Cogni very well known among spiritual and philosophically inclined people today in Italy? And if so, is his reputation more “mainstream” than Evola ‘s ?

  13. Yes, Sparrow, that is precisely the point Evola made against him. Since I haven’t been able to find Cogni’s text anywhere, it is impossible to make a complete judgment. Nevertheless, he seems to be among the “neo-vedantists” who are prominent today in the West. (A google search will provide many examples.)

    Since Cogni was heavily influenced by psychoanalysis, I suspect he had in mind Freud’s notion of the “oceanic feeling” in which there is a return to the infantile consciousness of being “one with the world”.

  14. Since he was a Vedantist, one would think that Cogni read the Bhagavad Gita and realized that the “Oneness,” is not a call to promiscuous dissolution rather than a virile call to action and obeying one’s dharma.

  15. Cogni’s views are more in tune with the signs of the times. His views on sexuality, psychology as a spiritual path, pantheism, paranormal experience (e.g., the widespread interest in “channeling”, astral travel, shamanism, the “law of attaction”) have become mainstream since Cogni’s book was published. On the other hand, Evola’s insistence on the transcendent “metaphysical dyad” is losing steam (and is not aided by Evola’s past association with race and fascism). Even one of the last holdouts for the dyad, the Roman Church, is wavering, if the discussions emanating from the Synod on the Family are any indication.

    The Italians started destroying everything associated with Mussolini as the Allies advanced toward Rome. Thus, it is impossible for an independent scholar to find most of the books from that era. However, I did find this article, The Italian Roots of Racialism, which has a discussion on Cogni. The writers discussed may have well as been space aliens, since their viewpoints are so far from anything being expressed today.

  16. Differentiation is the principle of undifferentiation. Getting to reality means becoming more “real”, more “you”, while with all due respect the racial inferior Cogni sends people to the unreal hell roads of dissolution-illusion!

  17. But let’s not take “Pantheism” for “ANIMISM” !! :

    “Mon Amour est si grand qu’il devient Animisme” …

  18. Alice Bailey certainly knew all about the united world and homogeneous raceless population agenda due to the connection between Theosophy and various groups of shady origin, including Fabian society, who, in the spirit of Bavarian Illuminaty, contined the work of subtle social engineering towards the Age of Aquarius i.e. Lucifer. We are all witnessing a progress of this plan and it’s acceleration. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had connection with the Frankfurt school as well.

    Speaking of ascending and descending in regard of transcendence of human experience I am reminded of Terrence McKenna’s “Archaic Revival”, a concept of complete cultural and individual dissolution of boundaries and return to, what he called, protohistoric paradisical existence of pastoral, orgiastic and classless mushroom worshipping potheads. McKenna was a feminist, profound one some may say, but still a feminist who never missed a chance to blame evil patriarchy and it’s fascist spirit for all the wrongs in modern world. Well, his idea of the return into a sacred womb of matriarchy included different kinds of human descendance into the subconscious and nano existence within the cyber world. On the other hand, he considered ascending spiral “techocratic and fascist”. When we research his origins we will find the same shady connections. Since I don’t intend to turn this comment into a conspiracy rant I will stop here. But there is definitely a global agenda regarding descending transcendence and it’s popularization.

    Italian racialists had every right to criticize National Socialists race theory which ignored spiritual dimensions and focused strictly on blood alchemy. How many Aryan looking nordics are out there, with the completely atrophied spirit and essence? Could we call them Aryans? Certainly not, for Arya is a spiritual nobility as well. Arya is a title not a race, although it’s reserved only for certain races (indo-european stock).

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