La Revolution Devore Ses Enfants

  During the years leading up to 1789, Paris had increasingly become the exclusive city in France, a city-among-cities, with no peer. One of the dynamics behind the destruction of the ancien regime was Paris’ desire to subordinate the legitimate and ancient diversity of the pays (regions) of old France. … Continue reading

Spiritual Pilgrims: Carl Jung and Teresa of Avila

Father John Welch is a member of the Carmelite Order and a Jungian who has lectured and written extensively on the meaning and practice of St. Teresa d’Avila’s Interior Castle in tandem with Jungian psychology, especially where it concerns the process of Individuation.  Father Welch’s lectures and writings serve equally … Continue reading

Solovyov on the Knowledge of God

The transcendental unity of religions is true insofar as it pertains to metaphysics. In Lecture 6 of Lectures on Divine Humanity, Vladimir Solovyov shows his agreement with that point even for Christianity. In particular, he writes this about Neoplatonism: It is impossible to deny the connection between Philo’s doctrine and … Continue reading

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