Chaos in the Noosphere

Three bodies Shankara, following the teaching of the Vedanta, describes the three bodies that constitute man. Gross body: physical senses Subtle body, or the mind/psyche: emotions, feelings, attractions, aversions, etc Causal body, or the intellect: thoughts, images Together, they make up the phenomenal world, i.e., the world as experienced, or … Continue reading

Interview with Aphrodite

There is spiritual current today that often goes under the name “The Law of Attraction”, although by other names in the past. This was brought to prominence in a documentary made a few years ago called the “Secret”. Its main spokesmen include Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, the author … Continue reading

On Hermetic Sublimation

In Valentin Tomberg’s discussion of “The Empress”, he quotes Josephin Peladan’s description of magic as “’the sublimation of man’… of human nature”. Thereafter, Tomberg offers a detailed discussion differentiating Sacred Magic, from “personal and arbitrary magic”, the latter which explains became more or less the earmark of Renaissance “ceremonial magic”, … Continue reading

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