From Virgil to Dante

The Middle Ages are so called because it represents the era between Antiquity and modernity. We can also regard it as the Traditional society between the Ancient traditional world and the coming Traditional society of the future. That the Middle Ages represent Tradition is beyond dispute. Now, there may be … Continue reading

True North

“It goes without saying, that nobody initiates anybody else, if we understand by initiation the mystery of the Second Birth, the great sacrament, the initiation from above which is operative from above and has the value and duration of eternity. The Initiator is above…” Tomberg This truth is not a … Continue reading

The Infinite

This is the dictionary definition of Infinite: Having no boundaries or limits. Immeasurably great or large; boundless: infinite patience; a discovery of infinite importance. Mathematics. Existing beyond or being greater than any arbitrarily large value. Unlimited in spatial extent: a line of infinite length. Of or relating to a set … Continue reading

The Nuns teach him Tantra

“Oh, I see. You were Hugh Hefner of Lhasa.”

“Hardly. We weren’t permitted to derive any pleasure from the practices.”

“I bet it took a lot of practice to overcome all desire.” I was quite skeptical.

“True, we practiced quite diligently. Until …”

“Until what?” He was finally grabbing my attention.
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