The Twelfth and Final Labor

We have finally arrived at the last leg of the journey in the Dodekathalon. Hercules is given a final test, as he “cheated” on two of the earlier ones, and this one is meant, not to test his mettle, but to ruin and destroy him. There is a chance, if … Continue reading

The Establishment of a Traditional Society: Workers (III)

⇐ Part II Part IV ⇒ This is the third part of the chapter on the Workers from La Tradizione Romana [The Roman Tradition] by Guido De Giorgio. Here he describes how science changed the nature of work and displaced tradition. Hence, the corporations also originally represented modes of realization … Continue reading

Short Notes on Ascesis and Anti-Europe

This is authored by Havismat (Guido De Giorgio), from Volume 2 of Introduction to Magic. We see more of the paradoxical style of his writing. He also reveals some personal details about his time in Tunisia and his experience with Sufis. Regarding expression. There is the traditional one, the doctrinal … Continue reading

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