The Emperor’s Post

Iamblichus, Hercules, the Meditations of the Tarot, and Mouravieff’s system of numbers can be correlated, with study and practice. I am stopping (for now) at Number Four, the Emperor, and drawing more closely several threads together to illustrate how this is so. Kukai I have mentioned before as a co-inhabitor … Continue reading

Realization in the Pre-Socratics: Rene Guenon and Peter Kingsley, Some Observations

In the final chapter of Rene Guenon’s “Metaphysical Principles of Calculus” he concludes his exposition dedicating the chapter to the paradoxes of the Eleatic, Zeno, disciple of Parmenides. Guenon’s position is that Zeno’s paradoxes are not examples of an emerging scientific “rationalism” as the academic position mostly holds, but a … Continue reading

Techniques of Prayer

With the initial disclaimer that (in the Christian religion) one must beware of “over-systematizing” the grace of God into specific techniques, the following is shared for the possible benefit of readers who are interested in esoteric Christianity. Boris Mouravieff claims that there is a collection of “scripts” called the Golden … Continue reading

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