Degrees of Existence

The next generation of American Indians could radically transform scientific knowledge by grounding themselves in traditional knowledge about the world and demonstrating how everything is connected to everything else. Advocacy of this idea would involve showing how personality and a sense of purpose must become part of the knowledge that … Continue reading

From Worms to Gods

In which we review Wolfgang Smith’s writings on Darwinism and biology. I am worm, I am slave, I am king, I am God. ~ Gavrila Derzhavin Spiritual and mystical writers are often criticized, e.g., as being “life denying”, for describing themselves as “worms” or “slaves”. Here, however, the Russian poet … Continue reading

Man’s Place in Nature

In 1863, T. H. Huxley published Man’s Place in Nature to demonstrate that man is but an animal lacking any higher or transcendent quality. Microcosm and Macrocosm Valentin Tomberg explains that “initiation” properly means “knowledge of the beginning”. This implies that there are actually two initiations: Hermetic Initiation is the … Continue reading

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