Spirit in the World

Within a traditional civilization, categorized as “civilizations of space” by Julius Evola, time seems to stand still. A citizen then would have had a much different experience of time than we do today. There was no notion of “progress”, as Evola explains: [The civilizations of space], according to the formulation … Continue reading

Black White and Grey

Being a review of some recent, and not so recent, films: For Greater Glory, Swept Away, I Am Love, and 50 Shades of Grey. Swept Away This 1974 film was directed by Lina Wertmuller, a committed leftist. A small group of Milanese industrialists take a cruise on a private yacht … Continue reading

Matter and Form: The Dionysian Race

The new victories of the maternal principle over the revelation of purely spiritual paternity show how hard it has been for men, at all times and amid the most varied religious constellations, to overcome the inertia of material nature and to achieve the highest calling, the sublimation of earthly existence … Continue reading

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