Discussion Schedule for August 2015


S∴I online discussion schedule for August 2015 13 Aug 201510 PM EDT Discussion of Evola’s essay Civilizations of Space and Civilizations of Time 27 Aug 201510 PM EDT Discussion of the foreward to Revolt Against the Modern World Some things to consider for the 27 August discussion: The next meeting … Continue reading

Material Girls and Other Tourists

Many individuals, having reached a certain contemplation of the mystery, feel rather like shooting themselves in the head or returning to the pleasures of life, because this game and this trip is something that does not lead anywhere, or which has no meaning. ~ Ghislaine Gualdi These personality studies are … Continue reading

Darwin and Social Surgery

Man as a physical being is subject to gravity and other laws of physics, not to mention chemical laws. As part of biological life, he is also subject to various biological laws. In particular, this includes the two scientific laws of neo-Darwinism (incorrectly called the “theory of evolution”). Darwin’s insight … Continue reading

Spirit in the World

Within a traditional civilization, categorized as “civilizations of space” by Julius Evola, time seems to stand still. A citizen then would have had a much different experience of time than we do today. There was no notion of “progress”, as Evola explains: [The civilizations of space], according to the formulation … Continue reading

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