Man’s Place in Nature

In 1863, T. H. Huxley published Man’s Place in Nature to demonstrate that man is but an animal lacking any higher or transcendent quality. Microcosm and Macrocosm Valentin Tomberg explains that “initiation” properly means “knowledge of the beginning”. This implies that there are actually two initiations: Hermetic Initiation is the … Continue reading

Self-Realization through Knowledge

According to Fr Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, there are three orders of knowledge: human, angelic, and divine. They each have their proper object of knowledge: Human: Sense objects. Angelic: His own angelic essence Divine: His own divine essence Note the lack of symmetry in the object of human knowledge. That is because … Continue reading

New Age and Ancient Wisdom

There is a loose group of spiritual ideas that have a large influence in Western, particularly American, culture, that go by the name of “New Age” spirituality. Furthermore, they derive their validity from the claim that they are updated versions of Traditional wisdom. While there is certainly some basis for … Continue reading

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