The Future Order of Nations (II)

As Evola continues his analysis of the German legal scholar Hans Keller, we see recognizable themes. In particular, Keller comes surprisingly close to the New Right idea of Ethnopluralism. In Klemmer’s scheme, each people is free to define themselves, to realize themselves, and live independently of each in their own … Continue reading

Correspondence with Evola

There is an Italian commentary on, and reprinted text of, a letter from Evola to Tomasso Palamidessi here. Although this is not a translation, this is a rough survey of the contents of the letter, with a transliteration attempted at certain points, to convey or emphasize the meaning. The commentator … Continue reading

The Wisdom of God

Our interpreter, T. Palamidessi echoes George Heart’s interpretation of Mouravieff: The times require the cooperation of all, and we offer a way which is safe, swift, direct, towards the overcoming of one’s own moral, psychic, spiritual and biological states…Certainly the Catholic Church if it wanted to, without contradicting itself, could … Continue reading

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