Two Gnosticisms

Evola remarks in his essay on Steiner that Theosophy is actually a truly counterfeit doctrine. That is, the validity is true insofar as it goes, but the practical effect is actually to blunt the true dogma which it vaguely apprehends. Thus, modern “reincarnation” belief actually tends to inhibit the stark … Continue reading

Fortune’s Fool by Numbers

But I think about the hebdomads for myself, and I keep these speculations in my memory rather than sharing them with any of those people whose impertinence and insolence permits nothing to be analyzed without joking and laughter. Accordingly, don’t be opposed to obscurities stemming from brevity; since they are … Continue reading

Donoso on Liberalism, Socialism, and Catholicism

Although this book by Cortes was not one of Evola’s favourites because of its overt theological emphasis, it is still very valuable reading for several audiences. First of all, for counter-revolutionaries, it makes clear the ideas of liberalism and socialism and brings to awareness that this opposition to Tradition is … Continue reading

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