The Great Divide and our Ownmost

In The Hermetic Tradition, Julius Evola mentions two competing views of history: History is the continuous upward evolution of collective humanity. Civilizations arise, mature and die in a series of epochs and disconnected cycles. The first, he rejects out of hand. The second has some merit yet is inadequate. When … Continue reading

Death and Stupidity

Originally published in July, 2007 for a private seminar. Call no man happy until he is dead. ~ Ancient Greek proverb Society cannot exist unless a controlling power upon will and appetite be placed somewhere, and the less of it there is within, the more of it there must be … Continue reading

Life of the Spirit

Originally published in November, 2005 for a private seminar studying non-dual writings. The race of the spirit predominant in a person, in a people, in a community, is given by the orienting characteristic assumed toward the sacred and the divine, life and death, destiny, the world. Noi possediamo una verità, … Continue reading

Knowledge and Love

Originally published in 2006. Jack and Jill were playing and fetching water one day, when Jack had this sudden realization: “I love you”, he said to Jill. This is the essence of metaphysical intuition, not in the sense of a gut feeling or hunch, but of a direct and positive … Continue reading

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