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Pagan Imperialism

Julius Evola

New translation Translation of the German edition of Julius Evola's Imperialismo Pagano.

And, here, then, if the poisonous fog of the "human" world is dispelled, besides intellectualism, besides psychology, besides the passion and the superstition of men, nature in its free and essential state will reappear. Everything around will become free again, everything will breathe, at last. The great disease of romantic man, faith, will now be overcome through experience. To man, thus reintegrated, new eyes, new ears, new wings, will really and spontaneously open. The supernatural will cease to be the pallid escape of pallid souls. It will be reality and will become one and the same thing with the natural. In the pure, calm, powerful, and incorporeal light of a revived Dorian simplicity, spirit and form, interiority and exteriority, reality and supra-reality, will become one and the same thing in the balance of both members, of which none is higher, none is lower than the other. It will thus be an epoch of transcendent realism: in the forces of those who believe they are men and do not know they are sleeping gods, the forces of the elements will awaken, up to the thrills of absolute illumination and of absolute revival.

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Pagan Imperialism

Table of Contents

On-line edition. Sections will be added as they become available.
  1. We Anti-Europeans
    1. European Decadence
    2. The New Symbol
    3. The Primordial Nordic-Solar Tradition
    4. We Pagan ImperialistsNew chapter
  2. The Conditions for the Empire
    1. The Decline of the Imperial Idea
    2. The Protestant Deviation and our Counter-Reformation
    3. The Will of the Hierarchy
  3. The Democratic Error
    1. True Liberalism
    2. Hierarchy Based on Power. The Conquest of the State
    3. The Impossibility of Democratic Self-Government
    4. Anti-Hegelianism
    5. Anti-Historicism
    6. The Individual and Humanity
    7. The Irrationality of Equality
    8. From the Clan to Empire. Our Doctrine of Race
  4. The Roots of the European Sickness
    1. The Regression of Castes. Gold and Labour.
    2. Science vs Wisdom
    3. Those Who Know and Those Who Believe
    4. Mechanical Force and Individual Power
    5. Activism and the Humanised World
  5. Our European Symbol
    1. Nietzsche, Misunderstood
    2. The True Paneuropa
    3. The Myth of the Two Eagles
    4. Ghibelline Restoration
  6. Conclusion

The print edition will include:

  • Extensive commentary providing intellectual and historical background
  • Editor's notes
  • Detailed index
  • Bibliography

Additional previously untranslated material.

  • Passages from the Italian edition of Imperialismo Pagano
  • Selections from Sintesi di dottrina della razza
  • Selections from Il cammino del cinabro
  • Other material previously unavailable.