The Rights of Man: Life

Ever since the French Revolution, there has been much discussed about the so-called rights of man. Over time, this discussion has confounded natural rights with civil rights, i.e., the rights accorded by law to a citizen, and goods, such as food, medicine, education, which are the products of human activity. … Continue reading

Development of Feeling

Development of Mind⇐ Previous  —— Next ⇒ The Law of Development By “feeling”, Vladimir Solovyov is not referring to subjective and personal impressions, but rather to the higher feeling centre, insofar as it is objective and leads to creation. Again, these feelings are manifested in the material, formal, and absolute levels. … Continue reading

The Development of Mind

Development of the Will ⇐ Previous —— Next ⇒ Development of Feeling A person may deal with the data of conscious activity on three levels: Science, Philosophy, and Theology. Science Science seeks to organize and determine the underlying laws behind the mass of factual information gleaned from the observation and experience of … Continue reading

Development of the Will

Next ⇒ Development of Mind The Will manifests as Objective Good in three levels: prosperity, justice, and eternal bliss. The nature of a person manifests in three forms of being: feeling, thinking, and willing. Vladimir Solovyov is interested only in their objectifications, unlike the modern mentality which considers these forms … Continue reading

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