Transcendence and the Aristocratic Principle

The cause of all wars and revolutions—in a word, of all violence—is always the same: negation of hierarchy. ~ Valentin Tomberg In the essay Transcendence and the Aristocratic Principle, published in Aristokratia III, Edwin Dyga gives us an excellent overview of traditional reactionary thinkers, that is, those of the “Old … Continue reading

The Rights of Man: Life

Ever since the French Revolution, there has been much discussed about the so-called rights of man. Over time, this discussion has confounded natural rights with civil rights, i.e., the rights accorded by law to a citizen, and goods, such as food, medicine, education, which are the products of human activity. … Continue reading

Ideas and Occult History

One of the problems philosophers have long debated concerns the ontological status of the Platonic world of ideas. Aristotle proposed a solution that is fruitful as far as it goes, although it does not go far enough. His solution was that the idea is immanent in the object, a doctrine … Continue reading

From Virgil to Dante

The Middle Ages are so called because it represents the era between Antiquity and modernity. We can also regard it as the Traditional society between the Ancient traditional world and the coming Traditional society of the future. That the Middle Ages represent Tradition is beyond dispute. Now, there may be … Continue reading

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