Neo-Vedanta, Evil Spirits, and Don Quixote

I attended a small gathering of Neo-vedantists last week. (A neo-vedantist is a Westerner who tries to extract the metaphysics of the Vedanta apart from their connections to the Vedas.) There was the typical talk about the higher self, which transcends space and time. Not bad, but not quite the … Continue reading

Guénon lecteur de Nietzsche

Mais seule la littérature peut vous donner cette sensation de contact avec un autre esprit humain, avec l’intégralité de cet esprit, ses faiblesses et ses grandeurs, ses limitations, ses petitesses, ses idées fixes, ses croyances ; avec tout ce qui l’émeut, l’intéresse, l’excite ou lui répugne. Seule la littérature peut … Continue reading

Guenon Reader of Nietzsche

Only literature can give you that feeling of contact with another human spirit, with the totality of that spirit, his weaknesses and grandeurs, his limitations, his pettiness, his obsessions, his beliefs; with whatever moves, interests, excites, or disgusts him. Only literature can grant you access to a spirit of a … Continue reading

Self-Realization through Knowledge

According to Fr Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, there are three orders of knowledge: human, angelic, and divine. They each have their proper object of knowledge: Human: Sense objects. Angelic: His own angelic essence Divine: His own divine essence Note the lack of symmetry in the object of human knowledge. That is because … Continue reading

The Correspondence Project

Beginning tonight, on on successive Mondays, we plan to make available selected correspondence between the various men of tradition. Our initial efforts will include letters from Rene Guenon to Guido de Giorgio (the letters in the opposite direction are missing) as well as the exchanges between Mircea Eliade and Julius … Continue reading

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