Progenitors of Our Middle Earth

“Since men become happy by acquiring happiness, and since happiness is divinity itself, it follows that men become happy by acquiring divinity. For as men become just by acquiring integrity, and wise by acquiring wisdom, so they must in a similar way become gods by acquiring divinity. Thus everyone who … Continue reading

The Great Divide and our Ownmost

In The Hermetic Tradition, Julius Evola mentions two competing views of history: History is the continuous upward evolution of collective humanity. Civilizations arise, mature and die in a series of epochs and disconnected cycles. The first, he rejects out of hand. The second has some merit yet is inadequate. When … Continue reading

Vedanta and Western Tradition

Lacking nothing, contemplative, immortal, self-originated, sufficed with a quintessence: he who knows that constant, ageless, and ever-youthful Spirit, knows himself and does not fear death. ~ Shankara In his important but little read essay, The Vedanta and Western Tradition, A. K. Coomaraswamy points the way for Europeans to come to … Continue reading

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