Myths, Symbols, and Lies

Coincidentally, in today’s email stream a rabid denunciation of Plato’s Republic appeared on a Thomism list. The writer attributed to Plato what he regarded as the tyranny of the modern world’s political system.  He conflated the self-appointed political and economic elite with the guardians, with the mass media as the … Continue reading

The City and the Republic

Georges Dumezil famously showed that the structure of Indo-European societies was based on a trifunctional division: priests, warriors, and workers. Obviously, this corresponds perfectly with the caste structure that both Rene Guenon and Julius Evola regarded as one of the marks of a Traditional society. Conversely, one of the marks … Continue reading

Order and the Soul

Picking up on the theme of Order and Chaos from the previous post, I thought it might be of interest to explicate Plato’s concept of an ordered soul in The Republic. For Plato, the soul (psyche) is composed of three main faculties – the epithumetikon, the thumoeides, and the logistikon. … Continue reading

Progenitors of Our Middle Earth

“Since men become happy by acquiring happiness, and since happiness is divinity itself, it follows that men become happy by acquiring divinity. For as men become just by acquiring integrity, and wise by acquiring wisdom, so they must in a similar way become gods by acquiring divinity. Thus everyone who … Continue reading

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