Julius Evola on Giovanni Gentile — Part 1

Next: Giovanni Gentile Part 2 ⇒ This is Part 1 of probably four parts of Julius Evola‘s commentary on Giovanni Gentile in Saggi sull’Idealismo Magico (Essays in Magical Idealism). It has been difficult to translate, not just because of the difficulty of the subject matter, but more because there is … Continue reading

Contemporary Requirements for Magical Idealism

Next: Carlo Michelstaedter ⇒ [Evola] invests the dark matter of esoterism with a dialectic and discursive reflexion. (From Franco Volpi’s introduction to Magical Idealism.)   TRANSLATION of Chapter 6 of Essays on Magical Idealism (Saggi sull’idealismo magico) by Julius Evola. In this early book, the young Evola sketched out his … Continue reading

Essence and Existence

The universe exists for each Individual because he consciously wills it. ~John Woodroffe, Sakti and Sakta After concluding the discussion of privation, Julius Evola next turns to the concepts of Essence and Existence. This can be understood as the philosophical analog of the concepts of Purusha and Prakriti. There are … Continue reading

Everything else is a Pastime

The New Age and Tradition One can call the whole of experience false, illusory, nonexistent — but whoever experiences and asserts this falsity, illusion, nonexistence cannot himself be false, illusory, nonexistent. Beyond the obliqueness and fluctuation of “things that are and are not”, there is then one single certainty: the … Continue reading

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