Letters from Guenon to Evola (X)

Guenon explains more about impeccability Guenon expands on the powers of sorcerers and that no one is safe from their spells Guenon offers opinions on Thomas Palamidessi, Carl Jung, Meher Baba, the Golden Dawn, and Aleister Crowley 29 October 1949 Cairo, Egypt I received your letter of 4 September about … Continue reading

Letters from Guenon to Evola (IX)

Main points: The two correspondents agree to disagree about Masonry Guenon gets a little snarky about the possible and the real Guenon considers Inayat Khan to be absurd Guenon teaches Evola about Islam, including role of Melchissedek, the coming Imam, and the meaning of infallibility and impeccability Guenon had high … Continue reading

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