Matter and Form: The Dionysian Race

The new victories of the maternal principle over the revelation of purely spiritual paternity show how hard it has been for men, at all times and amid the most varied religious constellations, to overcome the inertia of material nature and to achieve the highest calling, the sublimation of earthly existence … Continue reading

Myths, Symbols, and Lies

Coincidentally, in today’s email stream a rabid denunciation of Plato’s Republic appeared on a Thomism list. The writer attributed to Plato what he regarded as the tyranny of the modern world’s political system.  He conflated the self-appointed political and economic elite with the guardians, with the mass media as the … Continue reading

Dining with Dung Beetles

The diversity of opinions on fundamental issues has always perplexed and intrigued me. In Euclidean geometry, no one would dispute the Pythagorean theorem, at least once he understood it. No scientist would deny that water, steam and ice are the same chemical compound, provided he understands chemistry. But when it … Continue reading

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