Man’s Place in Nature

In 1863, T. H. Huxley published Man’s Place in Nature to demonstrate that man is but an animal lacking any higher or transcendent quality. Microcosm and Macrocosm Valentin Tomberg explains that “initiation” properly means “knowledge of the beginning”. This implies that there are actually two initiations: Hermetic Initiation is the … Continue reading

More Insight into Christian Initiation

  This is a continuation of posts on Clement’s Journal, found (in obscurity) in the Ante Nicene Fathers. Peter has been initiating Clement, so we see the “inner workings” of this process, which really amounts to a sort of personal spiritual apprenticeship, which is governed by affectionate command and proud … Continue reading

Clement’s Initiation: Peter and Shimon Magus debate

This is a continuation of a previous post. My source document is here, and I have already noted the problems with dates – it is part of the Clementine literature, involving at least two Clements, but its contents are noteworthy. Simon Magus is an under-appreciated character, even though modern sensibilities … Continue reading

The Seven Steps of Esoteric Christianity

“What had so often occurred individually within the Mystery schools, far from external events, took place openly within Jesus Christ in outer world history.” – Rudolph Steiner Despite Evola’s condemnation of Steiner as a “hopeless muddle”, a closer look into Christianity can uncover patterns that might make us take Steiner … Continue reading

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