Julius Evola on Hermann Keyserling – Part 2

This is the second and final installment of Julius Evola‘s commentary on Hermann Keyserling from Saggi sull’Idealismo Magico. Evola refers to Keyserling’s “brilliant interpretation of the function of meaning, according to which understanding is removed from the rational and peripheral plane and compenetrated with the principle of deep self-realization and … Continue reading

Julius Evola on Hermann Keyserling – Part 1

Next: Hermann Keyserling Part 2 ⇒ This is part 1 of two on Julius Evola‘s interpretation of Hermann Keyserling, originally published in Saggi sull’Idealismo Magico. The School of Wisdom referred to was established by Keyserling in 1920 and is apparently still active today. Keyserling bases his philosophy on “understanding”, which … Continue reading

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