Guénon lecteur de Nietzsche

Mais seule la littérature peut vous donner cette sensation de contact avec un autre esprit humain, avec l’intégralité de cet esprit, ses faiblesses et ses grandeurs, ses limitations, ses petitesses, ses idées fixes, ses croyances ; avec tout ce qui l’émeut, l’intéresse, l’excite ou lui répugne. Seule la littérature peut … Continue reading

Guenon Reader of Nietzsche

Only literature can give you that feeling of contact with another human spirit, with the totality of that spirit, his weaknesses and grandeurs, his limitations, his pettiness, his obsessions, his beliefs; with whatever moves, interests, excites, or disgusts him. Only literature can grant you access to a spirit of a … Continue reading

Absolute Man, Absolute Woman

In the chapter “Man and Woman” in Revolt against the Modern World, Julius Evola establishes the proper relationship between the two principles. The feminine force is centrifugal with its tendency to chaos, but when aligned the masculine stability, a synthesis results. Thus, the masculine principle must become more fully itself, … Continue reading

The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon

Has anybody, at the end of the nineteenth century, and idea what poets of stronger ages called inspiration? If not, let me describe it. With the smallest residue of superstition within oneself, one would indeed hardly escape the idea of being merely the incarnation the mouth-piece, the medium of super-human … Continue reading

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