The Spiritual Regeneration of the World

Cologero asked me to provide the letter of explanation, despite my reluctance and against my better judgment. I detest any public persona as my work is better accomplished on a different plane of existence. Nevertheless, I am the ultimate authority for Gornahoor, which he operates at my pleasure. Thus, the … Continue reading

Spirituality for the XXIst Century

As the moon is the intelligible unity in the four-dimensional manifold of positions and phases, so human subjectivity is the intelligible unity in the multi-dimensional manifold of the conscious events of a lifetime. ~ Bernard Lonergan Matter is essentially multiplicity and division; and this, be it said in passing, is … Continue reading

Some Observations Concerning Guenon, Initiation, and Spiritual Exercises

All that exists potentially is advanced to actuality by the agency of something which is actually what the other is potentially: the partially potential by that which is actual in the same partial respect, and the wholly potential by the wholly actual — Proclus, Metaphysical Elements, Proposition 77 Every so … Continue reading

Christian Gnosis: Jacob Boehme

I was a hidden treasure, and I desired to be known; therefore I created the creation in order that I might be known. ~ Hadith Qudsi Origen, Dionysius the Areopagite, Jacob Boehme, Louis Claude de Saint-Martin, Vladimir Solovyov and Nicolas Berdyaev, for example, show in their works a progress which … Continue reading

The Creative Process

Training in esoteric psychology not only enables us to understand our own inner natures, but also provides a key to understanding much about how the world works. In the books on Gnosis, Boris Mouravieff expresses traditional psychology in terms suitable for our contemporaries. So instead of speaking of the soul … Continue reading

Past, Present, Future

As we close in on the 1001 posts at which point Gornahoor will come to its natural end, it is time to focus more clearly on its goals. At the current pace, that end will come in about 10 to 12 months. There are other projects envisioned beyond that, which … Continue reading

Community and Society

As I was working on a post, three items came to my attention for review. Since they touch on similar topics, I’ll weave traditional notions as part of the review. These are: From the German Conservative Revolution to the New Right (200 pages, softcover), by Lucian Tudor. The book deals … Continue reading

Unknowing and True Will

First and foremost, I will tell you who should work in this work, and when, and by what means: and what discretion you shall have in it. If you ask me who shall work thus, I answer you—all who have forsaken the world in a true will. ~ The Cloud … Continue reading

The Esoteric Path

In this case it would be better, although not absolutely necessary, for the elite to be able to take as its basis a Western organization already enjoying an effective existence. It seems quite clear that there is now but one organization in the West that is of a traditional character … Continue reading

The Most Beautiful Work

This is part one of a review of Plato’s View of Man by Constantine Cavarnos, available from the Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies. Part two will deal with the different types of people and the political systems they give rise to. It is within our power to transform … Continue reading

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