“What is needed is not a revolution in the opposite direction, but the opposite of a revolution.” (Joseph de Maistre)

A revolution is the overthrow of the established order; therefore, it results in chaos and formlessness.

The counter-revolution is the re-establishment of order, just the opposite of a revolution.
Cologero as he is
This site is dedicated to the counter-revolution by Tradition, metaphysics, art, culture, and science.

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  1. Mercy, peace, and love be multiplied to those who follow the Right Guidance! For all those who master the Italian language and are eager to learn more about Dante’s Path and The Sacred Tradition, I strongly recommend the Edizioni Orientamento, Publishing House directed by Lodovico Zamboni; and Le Edizioni all’insegna del Veltro, managed and directed by Professor Claudio Mutti. A special thank to the admit of this site for the dissemination of Knowledge and for raising the Word of Truth according to the correct methodology and with adequate spirit. Stay blessed.

  2. Not only Coomaraswamy, but also Evola, both of whom not only esteemed Guenon, but their respective bodies of work are inconceivable with Guenon.
    So it is not a question of Guenon’s intelligence, but rather his knowledge of or interest in Buddhism.

    Coomaraswamy was not a Buddhist, so it is not a question of what he accepted. His early book on Buddhism was not polemical and displayed admiration for both early and later Buddhism. He also seems to believe that even early Buddhism taught anatta.

    I would say that attan’s opinion of Guenon is similar to Guenon’s original evaluation of Buddhism Guenon is outside attan’s purview, so it is pointless to ask his opinion.

    On the other hand the site has a lot of good texts and essays, not just on Buddhism but also on Neo-Platonism. So if you have any interest in or question about early Buddhism and Neo-Platonism, it is a good resource.

    Keep in mind that people express opinions as much to define tribal boundaries as to convey information. I see no point in creating a tribe of “Traditionalists” (a term which I have repeatedly rejected), nor in anyone trying to be the next Pope of Tradition. Wisdom and gnosis will sort things out, not arguments.

  3. Sir, About the gentleman who runs the Ancient Buddhism attan.com site, which derides even Theravada as a corruption, I very recently discovered it thru you, and asked him his opinion of Pallis’ work which I believe was that which convinced Guenon early Buddhism was Traditional, but which isn’t mentioned in his

    Rather than answering, he merely said Guenon was not intelligent enough to understand authentic Buddhism. But the siteowner uses Coomeraswamy to promote “authentic Buddhism” and didn’t Coomeraswamy broadly esteem Guenon and also accept certain forms
    of Mahayana Buddhism? Is it fair to say attan.com writes from a perspective outside Perennialism/Traditionalism and hence render my questions irrelevant,or does his perspective come within its boundary? Thank you.

  4. Thank you for placing a link to Primordial Traditions – we will be happy to reciprocate and place a link in our directory.

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