Archaic Values

Archaic values according to Raymond Ruyer.

  • distinctive sexual roles
  • the transmission of ethnic and popular traditions
  • spirituality and sacerdotal organization
  • visible and supervisory social hierarchies
  • the worship of ancestors
  • initiatory rites and tests
  • the reconstruction of organic communities that extend from the individual family unit to the overarching national community of the people
  • the deindividualization of marriage to involve the community as much as the couple
  • the end of the confusion of eroticism and conjugality
  • the prestige of the warrior caste
  • social inequality, not implicit, which is unjust and frustrating, as in today’s egalitarian utopias, but explicit and ideologically justifiable
  • a proportioned balance of duties and rights
  • a rigorous justice whose dictates are applied strictly to acts and not to individual men, which will encourage a sense of responsibility in the latter
  • a definition of the people and of any constituted social body as a diachronic community of shared destiny, not as a synchronic mass of individual atoms
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