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Please fill out the application form below before subscribing.
In lieu of that, you provide me some information about yourself, your background, skills, and interests.

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OPTIONAL: Please provide the following information and send registration form to
If you are too shy for that, just let me know in a couple of sentences why you want to participate and what your background is.

Date (year-month-day)
Name you wish to go by
Email address
Country of origin
Country of residence
Gender: Male since birth, Female since birth, other

Are you proficient in English?

Describe your religious, spiritual, esoteric, or philosophical background and current viewpoint

Do you have any proficiency in martial arts (hand-to-hand or weaponry)?

Are there any skills you think may be helpful to this project? E.g. technology, publishing, writing

Would you like to write for Gornahoor? If so, on what topics?

Please send a recent picture of yourself as well as a picture from your childhood, if you want to.

Are you willing to have a personal interview via phone or Skype? Is so, please provide contact information.

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  1. We do like your subjects of discussion ! …

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