Factory Authorized Service Centers

Mr. X was driving in a remote area in the southwest. He stopped to car to heed the call of nature, but when he returned, the car would not start. Nightfall is approaching, he forgot to bring a blanket, and in the back seat, he noticed there were no more bottles of water. He reported it to AAA, but they won’t be able to get to him for at least three hours. He evaluated his choices:

  1. His owner’s manual advises him to go to a factory authorized service center, approved by the manufacturer’s headquarters, where he can get genuine parts. The nearest one won’t open until Monday morning.
  2. He does a search on google for service stations. He reads all the reviews on line and picks the one with the most stars.
  3. He calls his mother who has a friend who knows someone whose husband flies a helicopter. Perhaps he can be air-lifted out.
  4. He gets the tire iron out of his trunk, and gives his starter several hard whacks. He then is able to start his engine and continue on to his destination.

What should Mr X do?

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9 thoughts on “Factory Authorized Service Centers

  1. No one here would do that!… oh wait

  2. The need for ignition is a sign of the Kali Yuga.

  3. Cologero left out an important option, which is:
    Mr. X has a companion with him. They spend the night debating the pros and cons of the existing alternatives, rant and rave about the incompetence of the service centers, and wax nostalgic for a time when mechanics were skilled and honest. Then they die of thirst the next day in the desert heat.

  4. D is obviously the correct answer, and Cologero’s irony obviously points to him agreeing. Anyone who would choose a different answer is a Last Man or A Man without a Chest (and if you chose C, we haven’t come up a good word for you yet) (even though I chose C just for the kicks).

  5. I would be very careful regarding so-called authorized service centers nowadays. Many have been infiltrated by the counter-ignitiatiory forces.

  6. Yes, Scardanelli, I owe you a beer. I just wish I had of of that!

  7. Hmm…lets see…

    Path A: The path of the perennialist, seeking initiation from a legitimate source
    Path B: The path of the imagined self, ruled by opinions and thoughts that are not his
    Path C: The path of the ancestors
    Path D: The path of the neo-pagan, ruled by brute force and action.

    Do I get a prize? 😉

  8. I was cracking up reading this. I think it’s because there have been many times when I’m not sure what restaurant to go to in a new city, and I check Yelp (actually its Japanese equivalent) for the highest rated rather than asking my hotel manager; this leads inevitably to tragedy. But it feels so good to follow the crowd!

  9. In the kali yuga even factory authorized service centres cannot necessarily be trusted. If he whacks the starter hard enough he might receive a spontaneous ignition.

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