Antidote to Illusion

There is an antidote to that partial vision that maintains the world in ignorance and illusion while compartmentalizing humanity in limited areas of interest.

  • Interiority: to re-center oneself in the Absolute, the one true Self
  • Exteriority: to re-orient oneself to the Infinite, the source of all possibilities

In this way, I can liberate myself from the prison of subjectivity. I am no longer bound by the blinders of my private vision nor limited to the possibilities that only exist for me. This is the true Altruism.

6 thoughts on “Antidote to Illusion

  1. Well said Cologero.

    The handshake:

    Anyway, their plan was at least laid out in Bacon’s “New Atlantis” in 1624.

  2. well I understand what you are saying but many others don’t. A lot of fully paid up members of the new age movement, for instance, simply don’t understand the origins of what they’ve signed up to. Many of these people would claim to be anti religion without realising that they’ve actually gone a long way down a certain doctrinal path. But yes, for members of this forum I agree a lot of the content is pretty basic and I don’t like scarmongering tones either. The B Creme thing I did find interesting tho as I noted a couple of years ago that he kept turning up in London and wondered what he was all about. I do find the tie in between the Mahdi interesting too, as clearly that is the focus of the Iranian administration. Rabbi Cahn is very inspirational on the subject of messianic Judaism, also a good PR man!

  3. It’s a smokescreen, Charlotte, as everybody wants to rule the world as Tears for Fears revealed to us. The question is who has the right to rule the world. In Ancient times, the Romans ruled the world, or Ecumene, as it was understood. This is the “world” referred to in the Gospels.

    In De Monarchia, Dante demonstrated that the Romans ruled the world by Divine Right, and by extension the Holy Roman Empire which was still that Empire. It is the Zionist neo-Christians who have consistently opposed that. In The Ways of God (Darech haShem) by Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (a text studied in Orthodox seminaries) we read:

    In the World to Come, there will be no nation other than Israel. The souls of righteous gentiles will be allowed to exist int eh Future World, but only as an addition and attachment to Israel. They will therefore be secondary to the Jew, just as a garment is secondary to the one who wears it. All that they attain of the ultimate good will have to be attained in this manner, since by virtue of their nature: they can receive no more.

    He explains the existence of nations:

    When the world was divided into seventy nations, God appointed seventy angels as Officers in charge of these nations, to watch over them and attend all their needs. Thus, God does not oversee these nations except in a general manner. It is each one’s directing angel who takes care of the details, through the power that God gives it for this purpose.

    Now, Tomberg apparently agrees with this in principle, but he also claims that Yahweh is not the Father God, but rather the directing angel of Israel.

    We don’t have space here to mention the Communist plan for world domination, the Muslim plan for the World Caliphate, the Open Conspiracy of H. G. Wells, nor Auguste Comte’s ambitious plan, which is now forgotten.

    We can put them all together and make a spooky video. Or perhaps we can create a market on Intrade and bet on which group will rule the world, assuming, of course, it doesn’t end first.

  4. This is a very interesting video. much of it you’ll be familiar with regarding the birth of the new age, but at around 1:20 he gets into the character of Benjamin Creme, who I’m not sure if you know of? there is a link between the heralded Maitreya Creme is famous for and the Mahdi (spelling??) of Shia Islam. Apparently both Gorbachev and Bush are fully paid up Creme/Maitreya acolytes, who knows about Obama, but he’s looking increasingly like a man on a mission

  5. Indeed.

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