Toil, Pain, Death

Toil, pain, and death are the great auxiliaries that keep humanity from falling into the bottomless abyss of evil. Through toil, human beings are preserved from irresolute passivity; through pain, they are protected from the danger of excessive subjectivity, because through pain they are reminded of the surrounding world; and through death, they are rescued from a complete severance from the spiritual world. Toil, suffering, and death preserve the human will from passivity, feeling from aloofness, and thinking from obscurity.

~ Valentin Tomberg

One thought on “Toil, Pain, Death

  1. According to Tomberg, Zoroaster — the “first Aryan” — in his wisdom, understood the true significance of the fall of humanity. He recognized the “curse” of the father — toil, pain, and death — “as a protective wall against evil.”

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