Nothing new under the Sun

Sub sole nihil novi est.

I once heard a professor on the Internet radio quote the above Latin version of the text from Ecclesiastes 1:9, attributing it to the Romans. Now a man is entitled to an occasional misquote without reproach, but the irony here is that the fellow was claiming to be defending paganism from the encroachment of Jewish thought. The fact is that he is unable to tell the difference.

So that illustrates yet another kind of idiot. The idiot simpliciter is a man who cannot follow a logical argument. The idiot savant is a man who can say the words, without understanding what they mean. And the useful idiot is the man who does someone else’s dirty work in the mistaken belief he is working towards his own ends.

Thus we observe today the self-defined saviours of the West or of Tradition oppose everything that defined the West, unified the West, and defended the West, thus unconsciously serving as useful idiots for the forces that been attacking the West for 1500 years. They even adopt the same tactics. In an undignified and ignoble manner, they whine about an alleged “pagan holocaust”. They complain about how their “warrior” ancestors accepted coerced baptisms (lucky for them it wasn’t circumcision.) At the same time, they claim to be the real “chosen people” with the highest IQs and deserve their “own state”.

In Myth of Blood, Evola has been critiquing thousands and thousands of pages, separating good points and bad points, from writers, most of whom are forgotten. This is an ongoing task; it takes discernment, study, subtlety, insight, and depth to synthesize so much data. We try to bring some of this to fresh minds, still free of propaganda, whether of one side or the other. Yet Gornahoor is pestered by petty minds whose entire world view can fit on a half dozen 3×5 index cards. They believe that repeating a slogan from a propaganda poster counts as a refutation. Who, then, will make the long march? Who will remake philosophy, theology, history, political theory, and so on, if they can’t do better than what we have seen lately?

It is true, there is a conspiracy — always has been, always will be &mdash between Tradition and anti-Tradition, order and chaos, supernaturalism and naturalism. These are all well-defined concepts and can be explained rationally and coherently. The contingent historical forms of the conspiracy change from generation to generation, from nation to nation. There are still those who persist in seeing it as Christian vs Pagan, Pagan vs Jew, and on and on. None of these terms are well-defined, as their meaning alters over time and space. A man who can only think in these terms is useless except, perhaps, to his enemies.

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