Science at a Standstill

Science seems to be at a standstill after centuries of revolutionary developments.

  • Physics is stuck with incompatible theories – Relativity and Quantum Mechanics – and remains far from a unified theory.
  • Biology is no closer than Darwin to explaining the origins of life and the actual mechanics of the evolution of the species
  • The last real cure in Medicine was the discovery of penicillin, and now it can only treat conditions, albeit with more sophisticated technology and drugs.
  • The dream of Positivism to create a true science of man has come to naught, as psychology and sociology have produced no universally recognized scientific results. With their endless “studies”, they have become little more than tools of political ideologies.
  • Even the meager results they have produced are often rejected on extra-scientific grounds.
  • The ideal of objective and dispassionate scientific research has given way to the lure of money, power and prestige to produce a “desired” outcome.

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