The Notion of an Elite

Due to the nature of blog posts, you may feel like someone watching a movie starting from the middle. Nevertheless, there is an architectonic plan as summarized: Thesis: Tradition is the normal state for human spiritual well-being. Hypothesis: The Western world is in crisis due to its forgetting of Tradition. … Continue reading

I Sleep, but the Heart is Awake

I sleep, but my heart is awake. ~ Song of Solomon 5:2 Please consider the four states of consciousness mentioned by Bede Griffiths in The Cosmic Mystery. We are accustomed to consider the sleeping, dreaming, and waking states as distinct states of consciousness, which follow each other consecutively. However, most … Continue reading

Homage to Giuseppe

News for the Week Principles of negotiation A deal was apparently made between the G6 and Iran over its nuclear program. Anyone who has ever negotiated in good faith understands that a deal will involve concessions on both sides. Those opposed to the deal argue that economic sanctions should have … Continue reading

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