Evola on Carlo Michelstaedter, Part 2

Previous: ⇐ Carlo Michelstaedter Part 1 Next: Giovanni Gentile ⇒ The is the second of two parts, in which Julius Evola details his intellectual debt to Carlo Michelstaedter. From Saggi sull’Idealismo Magico. In order to illuminate Michelstaedter’s central problem, it may be useful to connect the concept of insufficiency or … Continue reading

The Turd in the Punch Bowl

Before posting the second part of the translation of the chapter on Carlo Michelstaedter, it will be useful to provide more concrete examples illustrating the difference between the consciousness formed by persuasion and that formed by rhetoric. The End of Rhetoric There is an intellectual lust just as surely as … Continue reading

The Pearl Tiara

A pearl tiara has a design and a structure. The pearls are arranged in a certain way, usually by size. It is built around precious metals and may include other gems. Although the quality of each individual pearl is important, the piece of jewelry achieves its beauty in its totality, … Continue reading

Evola on Carlo Michelstaedter, Part 1

Next: Carlo Michelstaedter Part 2 ⇒ The is the first of two parts, in which Julius Evola details his debt to Carlo Michelstaedter. “Persuasion”, for Michelstaedter, is being and “rhetoric” is non-being, or becoming. Hence, he is attempting to describe the man who is persuaded, i.e., the man who has … Continue reading

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