Contemporary Requirements for Magical Idealism

Next: Carlo Michelstaedter ⇒ [Evola] invests the dark matter of esoterism with a dialectic and discursive reflexion. (From Franco Volpi’s introduction to Magical Idealism.)   TRANSLATION of Chapter 6 of Essays on Magical Idealism (Saggi sull’idealismo magico) by Julius Evola. In this early book, the young Evola sketched out his … Continue reading

Freedom and Destiny

Multiple Selves We saw from Valdimir Solovyov’s description that, in the second moment or positing, the divine Unity is objectified as multiplicity. Specifically, multiple selves arise out of the void. So what was in the divine mind as undifferentiated possibilities manifests as differentiated actualities. These are free beings with all … Continue reading

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