The Labors of Hercules, Part 3

The Third Test, The Ceryneian Hind For the third labor, Hercules was given a retrieval task instead of a slaying to accomplish. Since Hercules could not be overcome with guile & brute force, it was hoped that he could be made to trespass against a god, & have divine fury … Continue reading

The Conservatives of Reflection

At one time, there was no such political movement similar to the “right”, because what is now called the “right”, properly understood, was the natural organization of traditional societies. It was only the spirit of rebellion, which has marked all recent Western history, that created this dichotomy between the so-called … Continue reading

Labors of Hercules, Part 2

The story continues: Hercules has an adversary, Eurystheus, who is the current king and holds regnum over Hercules’ territory. Now, in the esoteric Christian tradition, Satan is not our “enemy”, but our “adversary” – there is a subtle, but distinct difference (Alain Benoist has come to the conclusion that the … Continue reading

Evola Viewed from the Right (IV)

⇐  Part III   Part V ⇒ Totalitarianism Evola next makes the distinction between the totalitarian, which he associates with Stalinesque type states, and the organic state of Tradition. The central authority can become degenerate when it tries to control everything, as in the Soviet Union. The Traditional system is based on spiritual … Continue reading

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