Esoteric Christianity & the Anti-Christ

Part of the problem with standing in the Western ruins involves clearing away the fog of spiritual war, which is deliberate and has the effect of turning the conflict into a free-for-all, in which chaos and confusion deepen demoralization. Rudolf Steiner’s work is important in any history of esoterism, however, … Continue reading

The Beautiful Soul

In order to satisfy a social obligation, I saw the movie RIPD last week (no, I don’t recommend it). Although it has no deeper meaning, we can possibly insert one for it. Although I doubt and such meaning was consciously assumed by the creators, it is possible that higher powers … Continue reading

The Trivium & Mystery

Cologero’s translations have provided this gem, from de Giorgio: “We could also call it “intuition” although no psychological quality is given to this term: the psyche in fact is below the spirit, the intellect, the heart—these three terms denoting, under three aspects, the same type of integrative activity of the … Continue reading

Midsummer Night Dream 2013

Man is faithful by nature; woman is promiscuous. Man wants to protect his own; this entails exclusion. Woman wants to nurture indiscriminately; this entails inclusion. Anyone attracted to political action should read those political scientists who describe how men actually are and act, not as they should in some imaginary … Continue reading

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