More Insight into Christian Initiation

  This is a continuation of posts on Clement’s Journal, found (in obscurity) in the Ante Nicene Fathers. Peter has been initiating Clement, so we see the “inner workings” of this process, which really amounts to a sort of personal spiritual apprenticeship, which is governed by affectionate command and proud … Continue reading

Petrine Initiation in the “Old World” of Pure Intellect

The debate with the old workman continues, and he assures Peter he is no demagogue: I am not such a fool in my old age that, understanding what is true, I should deny it for the favor of the rabble. Niceta proposes that Peter be the master of the debate, … Continue reading

The Evil Eye

Cologero’s Cornu Handed down from his father. It is nice to know that once upon a time in Europe, Emperors, Kings, Knights, Templars, Hermetists, Saints, Mystics, Troubadours and so much more were abounding. Now we know there were also Sorcerers and probably there still are. I don’t recall Rene Guenon … Continue reading

Letters from Guenon to Evola (X)

Guenon explains more about impeccability Guenon expands on the powers of sorcerers and that no one is safe from their spells Guenon offers opinions on Thomas Palamidessi, Carl Jung, Meher Baba, the Golden Dawn, and Aleister Crowley 29 October 1949 Cairo, Egypt I received your letter of 4 September about … Continue reading

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