Guenon and Islam

Regarding Rene Guenon’s ultimate decision to follow a Sufi path, he wrote: Contrary to what takes place in ‘conversion’, nothing here implies the attribution of the superiority of one traditional form over another. It is merely a question of what one might call reasons of spiritual expediency, which is altogether … Continue reading

The Correspondence Project

Beginning tonight, on on successive Mondays, we plan to make available selected correspondence between the various men of tradition. Our initial efforts will include letters from Rene Guenon to Guido de Giorgio (the letters in the opposite direction are missing) as well as the exchanges between Mircea Eliade and Julius … Continue reading

Tradition & the General Law

Before beginning this post, several definitions of terms peculiar to Boris Mouravieff’s work: “A Influences” : sensate pressures and resulting spiritual tendencies, along with the cosmic hierarchies which keep them in “tutelage” (see St. Paul in Galatians 4) “General Law“: the karma which keeps the men in bondage to the … Continue reading

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