Quest for Camelon Quick, quiet is the snow on a low hill, So is winter wind under the low stars. My well draws under whispered charm until The circle, cold & grave, it can unmar. Swift & sweet is the gray dawn’s careful rose, As sudden sun upon the giant … Continue reading

Cosmic Telepathy

A common man marvels at uncommon things; a wise man marvels at the commonplace. ~ Confucius About 20 years ago, a man, who was very active in occult and Theosophical circles, approached me with a very remarkable story. He had met a woman with extraordinary powers. She had recently been … Continue reading

The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon

Has anybody, at the end of the nineteenth century, and idea what poets of stronger ages called inspiration? If not, let me describe it. With the smallest residue of superstition within oneself, one would indeed hardly escape the idea of being merely the incarnation the mouth-piece, the medium of super-human … Continue reading

Symbolism and Metaphysics

Natural phenomena in general, and especially astronomical phenomena, are never looked upon by the traditional doctrines other than as a simple means of expression, whereby they symbolize truths of a higher order. ~ Rene Guenon, Man and his Becoming according to the Vedanta Inner States It is reasonably straight-forward to … Continue reading

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