We Antimoderns II

As little as that against which it reacts, such a spiritualism therefore constitutes a principle: it is not a sign of rebirth, but is instead — like that which already Asianized the Greco-Roman world in the Alexandrian period, and to which it so strangely resembles — a symptom of decline, … Continue reading

We Antimoderns

In 1930, Julius Evola launched the periodical La Torre which was subsequently shut down by the Fascist government of Italy. This was just after the publication of the Italian edition of Pagan Imperialism, but before Revolt against the modern World. This essay, Noi Antimoderni is from the inaugural issue. While … Continue reading

Remarks on Tomberg

Those who are interested in reading Meditations ought to peruse this index to his book here. Consulting the index under “personal magic”, one is referred to pages 478-480 (among others): “Therefore, it follows from the preceding that magical formulae are not invented – just as true poetry is not invented … Continue reading

Tactics of the Occult War

Be wise as Lucifer and as innocent as the Holy Spirit. Developing some of Rene Guenon’s ideas, Julius Evola described the tactics of the Occult War in greater detail. By this, he means the third dimension of history, that of depth, beyond the dimensions of space and time by which … Continue reading

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